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home theater setup

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    Complete Home Theatre under 1,85,000

    Hello Everyone. This is my first post at 'hifivision'. Used to read a lot about the suggestions of all the Gurus like you at different forums here. And now, I need your help. I am about to set up a home theater for a room 10x14 in size. Movies-60% Music-40% Came down at this: TV - Sony...
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    Help and suggestions required for selecting a home theatre projector.

    Hello everyone I am planning to buy a projector as part of my home theatre setup and since this would be my 1st projector I would really appreciate some help and suggestions on what projector to buy. The room size is 12 X 12 feet. Thus- Throw distance- About 9-10 ft. Viewing...
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    Need a new Home theater setup... No clue where to start...HELP

    Hi I need to create a new home theater setup at my house, more like I need two setups. Both 5.1, one in my room and one in my brother's room. I am not sure what kind of equipment to buy, please suggest. Like i know I will need speakers, amplifiers and cabling, but i need help with specifics on...
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    New to Home Theatres

    Hi All, Just like anyone who would begin their crazy fantasy of music life, i have begun getting mad to own myself a HT (5.1). Hope i have met the first criteria. :ohyeah: I was doing a kind of a basic search on the brands that are available in the market and have listed down below some...
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    Anand - Hello everyone

    Dear friends: I'm an gadget enthusiast and I intend to build an medium to hi-end home theater in the near future and I hope to find a lot of information that I need on this forum. Thanks to the moderators and owners of this site for hosting such a useful portal for information exchange...
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    Set up a Home Theatre

    Hi audiophiles.....I am new to this forum in terms of posting....but keeping an eye on other threads....got some valuable ideas....however would appreciate if you guys give me some specific inputs..... I used to listen to a Bose LS 18....dont laugh.... but now want to set up one.... I...