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  1. I

    How is this 5.1 setup

    A/V Receiver - Denon X2700H Front Speakers - KEF Q350 Center - KEF Q250C Surround - KEF T301 Sub - KEF 10b Alternatives A/V Receiver alternative - Yamaha’s RX-V6A. I heard Denon has parts issues after 2-3 years. This A/V receiver is still not launched in India. Surround alternative - KEF Q150
  2. Y

    Hometheatre suggestion according to layout(60k(initial))

    Hey Guys, I am new to this part of the forum, having recently purchased 55inch sony x9500g now I'm looking to slowly build a Ht system which suits my living room and also my needs, layouts are at the end of the post. Q1) Is a 3.1 system enough for my needs? There isn't much space at the back for...
  3. A

    I have no clue how to start with a budget home theatre setup. Help me masters!

    I am a fan of movies and love enjoying them in the best way I can. So till date, the purchases I made for watching a movie or listening to music were done after a lot of research and I usually tend to get the best for the budget I allocate. I recently bought the oneplus u1 TV that supports DTS...
  4. harryneopotter

    Cheapest Atmos setup for Apartment.

    I know I am gonna get a lot of flak for this thread, but my hands are tied so do not have any other options. Recently I bought a decent TV (65 C9) for my room (a private bedroom in a shared 3 BHK on second floor). While I do have external speakers (Blaupunkt TS-100 Towers...
  5. C

    What volume (dB) is safe for action movies ???

    Hello all, My setup is Yamaha RXV681 + Taga Tav606 Se. And a 12"sub. Room size is 10x12. I am just wondering how much volume is safe and enjoyable for action movies? (Safe in the sense, for the amp and speakers) I usually go up to -20dB. (This is where I feel comfortable) And rarely up to...
  6. N

    Please suggest center channel placement with respect to projector screen

    Please suggest if its better to place the center channel above or below the projector screen. If it is a screen, I would have placed it behind it, but I have to continue using the wall as a screen for now. I really want to add a screen, but i observed that I can not do it anytime soon due to my...
  7. C

    My avr is 120v, but my transformer is 110v. Kindly suggest a solution ...

    Hello All, i bought Yamaha Rxv 681 from Us. That is 120V. But unfortunately I bought a 110V maxine stepdown transformer. Will this combo work at all? Is it dangerous to use 120v avr with 110v transformer?? Should I return my 110V transformer and buy a 120V one? I searched online and found...
  8. C

    Getting Yamaha RX-V681BL from us. Can you help me with an advise please....

    Hello All, im getting Yamaha RX-V681BL avr from Us. Can you suggest a step down transformer please? I have gone through some threads here, and people are usually buying Guru or MAXIM 1.5kva. Is that sufficient for this Avr? Kindly advise..... Is it really required to go for isolation type...
  9. C

    Wanted 9.2 or 11.2 Dolby Atmos AVR

    Dear all, I am looking for a 9.2 or 11.2 Dolby Atmos AVR in good working condition. I live in hyderabad. Please let me know if any one is willing to sell. I am reachable at 9642699357 (this is my brothers number) Thanks & Regards Naveen
  10. C

    Please suggest a Dolby Atmos AVR to bring from US

    Dear all, My friend will be coming from US in November. (he is already crying with his own luggage, but accepted to bring an avr) Can you suggest a good Dolby Atmos AVR (5.2.4 or 5.2.2) please? Budget is upto 60K in Indian currency. (Can stretch if its really necessary...) Usage will be...
  11. N

    A happy learning: Shifting my HT setup from a bigger hall to a smaller room

    Hello All, I was a bit unhappy with my HT setup from the beginning. The trebles are not punchy, and bass is just ok but not very satisfactory. I kept on tweaking all the avr setting, but still disappointed. I was in a dilemma to change the avr or the entire speaker setup. I shifted my setup...
  12. C

    Please help me to get better clarity in my audio.

    Please help me guys, I'm using laptop or Airtel DTH hd as my source. Sound quality is ok but not great. The mids, and bass is ok, but treble sounds are not punchy. Also the clarity is not upto the mark. I'm wondering should I go for a blue ray player, or a htpc with Asus xonar? Will it...
  13. C

    AVR internal dac is working, how the sound qty from bdp will be better than laptop

    Hello all, Whether we use a "laptop" or a "blue ray player" connected to my AVR, in both cases, only my AVR "internal dac" itself is working. In that case, How there will be the difference in audio quality ??? Does the audio quality from blue ray player be better than laptop with...
  14. C

    Should I add a headphone amp? Or external dac? Or better player to improve music qual

    Hello all, im using YHT196+yamaha floorstanders. Its great for movies, and just ok for music. Is there any trick to improve music quality from my set up? I generally play music from my mobile or laptop with foober or vlc player. Should I add an external dac? Or... Is it possible to add...
  15. N

    My AVR good for movies, Bad for music. Should I change my AVR or buy a stereo amp?

    Hello All, Right now I am satisfied with my AVR for movies. But it is not good for music. So which of the following options is a good move? 1. Sell this AVR and buy a new AVR that is good for both Movies and Music. 2. Use this AVR for movies, and buy a Norge (or any other brand) sterio...
  16. N

    Please help to estimate the RMS power output of this speaker set.

    Hello All, Can anybody estimate the RMS power output for TAGA HARMONY TAV 606 SE please? The PMPO is 600 watts. I am giving the specs here. TAGA - To Achieve Glorious Acoustics This is actually to figureout a suitable power output of an AVR to use with this speaker set. Thank...
  17. N

    YHT196 + TAGA speakers experience

    Hey Guys, i was using Yamaha YHT196 for the last few months and it was absolutely awesome package for the price. Home theater effect for movies is superb for that price. I taught of adding an active sub. That will add some good bass, and the AVR can boost more power to satelites. But The...
  18. N

    If the Yamaha AVR is not powerful enough to drive Taga 5.1 speaker set....

    Hello all, I ordered Taga Harmony TAV 606 SE. I have an AVR from yamaha YHT196 (100w, 6-ohms, with only "ONE" channel driven. If this Avr struggles to power the taga speaker set, is there any thing we can do other than replacing the avr? (I mean is there any cheap solution?) Thanks Naveen
  19. N

    Hometheater showroom in your city.

    Hi guys, The following are a few places in Hyderabad for home theater systems. Cinebells Jbl studio The sound room Vector systems Sound and vision Sound republic Usk electronics Please add other shops in your town in this thread. I personally got frustrated driving all day...
  20. P

    Home theater under 1 Lakh

    Hi all I wanted to set up a new home theater setup in my living room size is 10(W)X16(L)X9 (H) in feet. i have budget of 80K to 1 Lakh. Can anyone suggest me the set up components with brands. i am looking for dolby atmos setup. Thanks in advance for you time. Prasad