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Wharfedale Evo 4.2
  1. I

    How is this 5.1 setup

    A/V Receiver - Denon X2700H Front Speakers - KEF Q350 Center - KEF Q250C Surround - KEF T301 Sub - KEF 10b Alternatives A/V Receiver alternative - Yamaha’s RX-V6A. I heard Denon has parts issues after 2-3 years. This A/V receiver is still not launched in India. Surround alternative - KEF Q150
  2. Michelangalo

    Barter Home theatre systems and individual items.

    Creating this thread for people who are interested in used products exchange. I have many gadgets lying around which I barely used and know many people would be in the same situation. It will be awesome if we can barter these gadgets for home theatre equipments. Product can be new, open box or...
  3. reachkalyan.kr

    SOLD Marantz SR7011

    For sale. Oops!. .Sorry forgot to update ! Marantz Sold to FM on 3rd August. Mods pls close the thread. Beloved Marantz SR 7011. Age - 1.5 years -No warranty left out. No repair history. Condition - As such it looks brand new .Due to age criteria i would rate 9/10 Used under Air com infinity...
  4. D

    Connecting Sony passive subwoofer to new Yamaha RX-V685 via sony receiver using coax

    I currently have a Sony Muteki 5.2 HT system (HT-M5). I am planning to upgrade to Yamaha RX-V685. I am extremely happy with the sound I am getting with my current system however it is limited to DTS and Dolby Digital formats. I am upgrading only for DTS X and Dolby Atmos. Since V685 can work...
  5. K

    DIY Short throw projector lens

    Hi, Does anyone having experience in setting up short throw projector from a conventional projector. Found some suggestions like using mirror, but will lose some lumens if so. Can use macro lens, but not getting exactly whats feasible in India. Any suggestion or pointers would be...
  6. N

    please help me to buy a 7.2 AVR in US. I added my choice

    Hello All, Please help me buy a 7.2 AVR in US under $600. My requirement is 5.2.2 Dolby atmos & Lossless music play with usb. 60% movies and 40% music I found Denon AVR-X3300W is the only one with 7.2 preouts under $600 Is it a good pick...
  7. N

    Please help::Pj connected to Avr. Sound is not coming from avr. Its coming from pj

    Dear all, When i connect pj to avr, Audio is coming from projector. But it is not coming from avr. Can you help please...my setup is like this. Laptop--yht196avr--egate p513 PJ (all connections through hdmi) If I swich off the PJ, the laptop is detecting my avr in audio devices. If I...
  8. N

    My first PJ, should I try a cheaper one like UNIC UC40 or buy something up to 30k

    Hello All, I want to buy my first projector. I can allot a budget upto 25-30K for now. But since I am a beginner for PJ, should I try a cheaper one like UNIC UC40 or EGATE i9 or..... buy something in the range of 25-30k? Please suggest guys... Will there be a good difference in PQ...
  9. N

    A little learning & a small tip: Check your source before cursing your HT setup

    Dear all, For quite long, I have been a bit unhappy with my HT setup. Particularly in terms of music "clarity" and less treble sounds in movies. I was thinking either my AVR or Speakers are not good enough. :mad: I considered buying a DAC, But again, the forum members warned me that entry...
  10. C

    Why do just two floor standers are equally priced as 5.0 package?

    Hello All, For a price around 30K we can either get 5.0 package or only 2 floor standers. For example, either "taga tav606se 5.0 package" or "two floorstanders TAV-806F" .... or maybe slightly higher priced platinum series floorstanders. What exactly is the logic that these two floor...
  11. C

    please help to find a media player for my avr.

    Hello All, Can you suggest a media player that can play Lossless/Flac songs, and HD movies (blueray rips) please??? I want to connect it to my yamaha AVR. Budget around 6 to 10k. There is lot of data in this forum, I read as much as I can, but could not come to a conclusion guys...
  12. N

    From my current setup, what could be the next upgrade under 50 to 70k??

    Hello All, I am asking this question for learning purpose, and to know what other options are out there. I have nearly made up my mind to upgrade to 5.2.2 or 5.2.4 Dolby Atmos and DtsX. Budget is 50 to 70k. But I will take a few months time to study properly and go for it. Now the...
  13. G

    An affordable home theatre .

    hey guys , :cheers: I have just joined and am new to this . I just wanted to ask you expert guys for a setup of 5.1ch home theatre under Rs. 70k :licklips: Which speaker package and receiver do you prefer . I am in for custom building as well as getting a HTIB. I like the TAGA HARMONY...
  14. K

    Hi All, I am new to this forum - got some quotation for my home theatre system

    Hi All, I got an quotation as below in Bangalore. Please suggest me if i need to change any component which is not good & quoted price are reasonable or over priced Polk Audio TSX440T - Floor Stander : 39k/pair TSX250C - Center : 20k OWM-3 - Surround : 14k/pair PSW 125 -...
  15. S

    Need help on connecting a home theatre system

    Hi Friends, I am planning to buy a new Sony IV-300 DTH Home theatre system. I already have a Panasonic Blu ray player DMP-BD77 model and Sun Direct HD DTH connection. My TV is Sony Bravia LCD(It has two HDMI outputs). Requirement: 1)I need to insert a blu ray disc or DVD and hear the...
  16. P

    center and surround channel addition

    Hi friends , I have Marantz sr5005 with Wharfedale 9.5 standing left right channel. Planing to buy center and surround channel which goes great with this set up. Please suggest which wharfedale setup i should finalize. In center I found 10.cs good but seller recommending 9 series. For...
  17. C

    Home Theatre setup

    I am planning to setup a home theatre setup. I have decided on starting of with KEF Q300 and Marantz PM6004 amp. going forward is it possible to use these Q300s as the rear speaker for a 5.1 system if i go for Q500 as the front speakers. regards
  18. G

    2.1 Speakers

    Hi, I am not a techie so please help me in getting a right choice. I am planning to have a Sound system (2.1) with following facilities 1. connect to Pen Drive 2. DVD Player connectivity ( Have LG) 3.Connect to my LCD 32 TV Samsung 4. Has Inbuilt FM I want a remote also and i...
  19. S

    hi everybody...............

    hi everybody......this is shailesh from mumbai....i want to know what are the better speakers for home theater? compact satellite or tower speaker? what should b price range available in market?if i'll go for sherwood 6052 AV receiver, which speakers should i go for? compact or floor standing...
  20. N

    first timer - Onkyo receiver or consumer brands such as Sony etc?

    Hi there, This is my first post at Hi-fi Vision amnd I have read some interesting posts regarding Home theaters and Audio systems. My cousin yesterday puchased Sony Home theater system (DVD player + 5 speakers + sub) and I was impressed with the quality of sound. We had Casino Royale DVD...