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  1. A

    A King was crowned today! - Review of the JBL 4343 and co.

    The value of a mm. We all have words that we commonly use to survive day to day life. Rickshaw guy has no change? Chalta hai. Boss asks if the project is completed? Unees bees, boss. Ran a red light? Chalta hai. Teenage son took your car? Bhagvan bharosa! We all have words that we commonly...
  2. A

    Yet Another Frugal Horn

    Here goes my first DIY post. After many recommendations and build threads I (too) decided to have Frugal Horn MK3 as my primary stereo setup. With months of hesitation decided to go ahead when one of my friends travelling from Singapore got a MA CHR 70 pair. But I didn't start with the build by...
  3. H

    Finally got a Vintage HMV Gramophone Player for playing 78s

    I was searching for an HMV Gramophone player to play 78 rpms for sometime. I was having a feeling since sometime after listening at various friends' places that the 78s are best played on gramophone players as they're meant to be played with those steel needles that "excavate" the tracks...
  4. cybervinay

    For Sale Pair Tannoy Monitor Gold 12" with original crossover in DIY GRF Cabinets

    I need to sell my DIY Tannoy GRF cabinets with 12" monitor gold drivers. I made this for myself but I am now using the 15" monitor golds in my DIY cabinet that I made as replica of Tannoy Royal kingdom The drivers are in mint condition and were imported from original buyer in USA. I doubt...
  5. J

    The Bug has bitten!

    Hi Guys ! It all started with an idea of looking for a System doing double duty for a stereo and Home theater. While many systems we heard, performed quite well for theater application, the music was not satisfying in stereo. So much so that it did not even come close to the music that had...
  6. soulforged

    Types of Speakers/Enclosures

    Hit upon this link while going through a site mentioned in the Stereophile thread. It mentions the different types of enclosures we keep hearing about like Infinite Baffle, Bass Reflex, MLTL etc. Would be informative for n00bs like me... Speaker Enclosure :cheers:
  7. V

    Fun DIY Project :: Horn Loaded Open baffle speakers

    Hi All, With the Pune weather becoming absolutely pleasant with the onset of Monsoon, I decided (not)work from home this Friday. With my wife at work and with me left all alone with little work at hand, I started to feel certain urges. Don't get me wrong here, I am purely talking about DIY...