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ht room

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  1. B

    16:9 or 2.35:1? Which screen dimension to go for?

    Hi, Thanks to the forum members, I've been able to select speaker system, AVR, projector, and cables to connect all. Now I guess I am in the final stage which is to select screen type and dimension. Please suggest what option should I go with. 16:9 or 2.35:1? Which screen dimension to go...
  2. J

    AC recommendation for dedicated HT Room

    Friends, I would like to get your valuable recommendation for the AC for my dedicated HT room. My house is in Bangalore and its a duplex house. HT room is on the 1st floor with a flat roof. 2 sides of the room is exposed to sun light. There are no windows for the room. Wire cut red bricks are...
  3. J

    Requesting help : Living room or Dedicated HT room ?

    Hi All, I am planning to build a guest room on top of existing home. This gave me an idea of dedicated HT room. But I am unable to decide whether to go for a dedicated room or use the new living room for the HT purpose as the room dimension are tricky. I get to work from home a lot so i spend...