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ht setup

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  1. V

    Looking for recommendations on 5.1 Audio Setup

    Hi friends, I am new to this forum but I followed some of threads in recent past regarding Audio Setup. I have been looking for AV Receivers with 5.1 spearker setup for my hall (size 300sqft. approx). Mostly, I want this system for music listening (75 % Music + 25 % Movies). AVR with Dolby...
  2. A

    Please suggest CVT for HT 5.1 Setup

    Hello Everyone, I'm setting up my new HT 5.1 which has an AVR that takes 1300w and an active sub that has 400W(700W peak). BluRay & LED TV- as usual So kindly suggest me how much KVA/KW CVT do i need for my HT. I've talked two people regarding this , one said i should go 3KW another said don't...
  3. Vijay_s

    Need advise on Rear Speakers for Focal HT setup

    My current HT setup is 3.1 and planning to expand it to 5.1. Current Usage : 50% Music, 30% regular TV watching & 20% Movies & PS3 games Last few weeks I was doing some research on timbre-matching of the speakers in HT system . Many of the home theater forums have 50% opinion favoring...
  4. V

    Speakers for PIONEER VSX 1021K

    Hi All, I recently got a pioneer receiver from US and would like to setup HT with my 46" LED. Im new to this and would like all your experts help and advice to setup my HT Please let me know which speakers i should go for that goes well my pioneer.