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Wharfedale EVO4.4
  1. reachkalyan.kr

    For Sale For sale - Hdmi switcher with PIP Function

    For Sale - 1).Zidoo Media player Z9s Sold and dispatched - Product delivered to FM Unused .just checked the functionality before posting in HFV. *Supports Atmos *Supports 4K HDR,3D iso *Supports 8tb Hard disk ( not yet checked with 10TB ) *Can be used as headless media player ( Audio...
  2. D

    Using old laptop as a htpc

    Hello people, I was wondering if I should get a dedicated blue ray player for my avr - Sony strdn 1080 or if I should use my old laptop as my htpc. Since I have absolutely no knowledge with this regards, I would really appreciate any help and tips on how to squeeze out the performance from my...
  3. iajay

    How to passthrough / bitstream audio from browser (youtube, amazonprime video etc) to AVR

    Hi I hope the question is clear in the title itself Here is my setup. PC Win 10 -> RX550 Graphics Card -> HDMI -> AVR Here is what is happening I view on the browser on my PC browser (FF, Chrome etc) And I see PCM in the AVR and the sound does not come from the correct channels I play the same...
  4. A

    Ditch DTH !!??

    Hello Everyone, Since Internet rates have dropped substantially and unlimited data has become affordable is there a way to completely ditch DTH/Cable connections and just hookup the TV to the internet and watch all channels ? I mean why pay a hefty price for HD channels? Also with the Internet...
  5. J

    HTPC operating systems, Windows? Linux?

    Hi guys, Have an old HTPC running windows 7, running an older version of Kodi. I wanted to change the OS, but I see that Kodibuntu is unsupported? Just wanted to know what you guys are using and is recommended? 1) Windows 10 with Kodi? 2) Linux (Ubuntu) with Kodi? 3) Anyone still using...
  6. YPS

    For Sale HTPC with LED Display & Remote, 3D Graphics Card, 2TB HDD, imported Antec cabinet.

    HTPC with Remote, 3D Graphics Card, 2TB HDD, imported Antec cabinet
  7. C

    Please help me to get better clarity in my audio.

    Please help me guys, I'm using laptop or Airtel DTH hd as my source. Sound quality is ok but not great. The mids, and bass is ok, but treble sounds are not punchy. Also the clarity is not upto the mark. I'm wondering should I go for a blue ray player, or a htpc with Asus xonar? Will it...
  8. saikatbiswas82

    Chromebox As HTPC

    Dear All, What are your views on Asus Chromebox as HTPC? Specs can be found here: Asus Chromebox Specifications I've been reading few reviews on this device. I found that the system with lowest config i.e. with Celeron 2955U (1.4GHz) 64 bit Dual core processor and 2 GB RAM, can run Full HD...
  9. P

    Need advice on the following HTPC configuration

    I'm looking to set up an HTPC based on the Intel NUC kit. My uses for this box would be as follows:- Kodi server Plex Basic gaming (emulator and old games) Am not looking for 4K movie playback (currently). I may set up Plex at a later stage depending on the subscription options...
  10. Ashish6464

    Gaming PC + Media Player

    Hi, I want to build a new PC which will be used for 2 main tasks 1) Gaming (Max Payne 3,GTA San Andreas,GTA V,S, Call Of Duty, Far cry, Battlefield and NFS) 2) Connect to Home theater to watch movies. Home theater config ( Denon X1000 | Paradigm CT 100 | Panasonic PT AR100U | Vuemax...
  11. J

    Amkette Evo TV / iRevo mini PC review needed

    Hi all, I am looking for suggestions to do the following on a media player. preferably Android, as it has more flexibility in apps (if I am correct) . I am having a 3D LED TV to which I am going to connect this.... an android media player may be something like Amkette Evo TV/iRevo Mini PC to...
  12. A

    Hello everyone!

    Happy to join this forum...I would like to know more about the building up of HTPC. So far I have gone through many of posts of our beloved members, but I could not find the details of Horizontal cabinets with low price...where to find such cabinet! Any one does idea about that?
  13. D

    Help me build a Media PC

    Hello all! Need help in selecting the right components for building a media PC, which would be used to play Audio(Lossless) and Movies(later when I buy an additional TV) as well. I would be using an USB DAC, probably an Audio GD (under $500 DSD) ESS Sabre based. Please suggest a VFM PC...
  14. P

    media streaming + storage device

    Hi, I am looking to use wisdom of this very wise crowd to help me pick a product to stream and store media (mostly movies). I use my home theatre primarily to watch movies. I am keen to add a storage device as I am slowly building a movie library. Ideally, this is what I would like to...
  15. Fillmore

    For Sale Micro ITX HTPC Pre-loaded Running XBMC OpenElec

    ITX HTPC Pre-loaded Running XBMC OpenElec Note: It does not include a HDD, If you want you can add an SSD drive or a Laptop HDD. You do not need any HDD to run it as a mediacentre because I am giving you XBMC running on a USB Stick. Just plug in your external USB HDD's and you are all...
  16. RMCWS

    Is there something wrong with my TV? Please HELP

    Today I faced a strange problem.... When I switched on my htpc today (it directly boots to xmbc), the tv screen showed red color images (check images below), I was worried and thought (may be it is) that my display is gone :sad: . I restarted the htpc few times but the tv was displaying red...
  17. RMCWS

    Building my first HTPC - suggestions needed

    I have done my part of reading and the more I read and gather info, the more confused I become. Was going through an old thread of Sam9s and a relatively new one by prepress. I found it very inspiring and informative, especially sam9s thread as I am planning to build HTPC with XBMC. My...
  18. T

    HTPC/TV Tuner card

    Hi Guys, i'm looking to setup a HTPC/light gaming rig, below would be the components, do let me know if you see any issues or have better suggestions 1) Asrock Z87M Pro4 32GB DDR3 Intel Motherboard 2) i3 4130 3) 3 TB HDD WD Green 4) Corsair VS 550 5) Adata XPG V1.0 4GB 1600 6) Samsung...
  19. prepress

    Which Internal HDD for Music PC.

    I am not sure if it is already discussed but posting it according to my requirement. I am looking for an INTERNAL HDD with the space of 1Tb or 2 TB, which should be suitable for my requirement? Please see details below Purpose : I will use it in my current PC for now because I am running out...
  20. S

    Connecting Composite Video to a VGA monitor

    Hi guys.... I am new to this forum... Help me out with this.... I have a spare monitor which I want to use as a TV... I do not want a tuner card thing... Is there a connector or an interface that can be used between my set-top box and VGA monitor... I found this product in Amazon.... Is this the...