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Home Theatre Systems
  1. S

    Connecting Composite Video to a VGA monitor

    Hi guys.... I am new to this forum... Help me out with this.... I have a spare monitor which I want to use as a TV... I do not want a tuner card thing... Is there a connector or an interface that can be used between my set-top box and VGA monitor... I found this product in Amazon.... Is this the...
  2. Rockfella

    Xbmc FTW!

    Right after buying a TV and getting a table made I wanted a player that worked nicely with a MCE remote. I have finally zeroed down on XBMC as my default HTPC software. I tried these: Coral Win DVD: Pros: Popular? 3D support. Cons: Not free, Too slow, takes minutes to start playing movies...
  3. R

    Mac Mini + Plex as a Media Server

    Hi Folks Looking to set up a media server, back up station and a surveillance device at home and have been reading up on the benefits of using a mac mini for all of those tasks. 1. Mac Mini 2.5 GHz dual core i5 processor with 500GB HDD and 4GB RAM (Could also go in for the quad core i7 1TB...
  4. R

    can some one point me the cheap HTPC cases for ATX boards

    Hello everyone , I am planning to replace my HTPC case, can some point me the online stores where i can get cheap HTPC cases for ATX mobo's, my present HTPC specs are as follows: External graphic card: AMD HD 6570 CPU: AMD A8 Quadcore RAM: 8GB(dual channel) MOBO: GIABYTE A75-D3H HDD...
  5. baijuxavior

    For Sale Full function Windows 8 XBMC HTPC

    For sale is my fully configured HTPC based on Windows 8 and XBMC installed on 1TB HDD. This is a full function HTPC, no installation or modification required, just connect the HDMI out to your TV or AVR to enjoy your favourite movies and music. Features The cabinet used is Antec Remote...
  6. P

    Help required: Basic Home Theatre Setup

    Hello Guys, After the HT bug bit me some 6 months back, I finally decided to get started with a basic AV receiver and 5.1 speakers. But, as I read more and more in hifivision, more I get confused :o Here is my setup: Room Size: 14x13 feet (bedroom) Display: SONY Bravia LCD 32" Desktop...
  7. K

    Need Help to build a perfect HTPC

    Guys. I am completely a lay man regarding this HTPC, so I kindly ask help from you all to suggest me to build a HTPC, which can 1) Play all formats (Audio & Video) 2) All types of in & outs for Audio & Video 3) Should be capable to play 3D & 7.1 Audio 4) Should be able to connect to...
  8. grunthos

    A ready-made goodlooking HTPC option

    A lot of people post in this HTPC subforum looking for help in configuring a miniITX pc. Unlike regular mATX size, options are even more limited in the miniITX size. Not too many good quality cases or PSUs available in India Hence this new minipc from Asus deserves a serious look VivoPC...
  9. C

    Best HTPC for gaming?

    I stumbled across this rig online, and it really struck me. What I particularly like about it is that it is a dedicated gaming rig in an HTPC chassis - it has the performance of a serious desktop, with the aesthetic of a piece of A/V equipment. As someone who has been gaming in the living room...
  10. N

    AMD A4-4000 HTPC build

    Dear All I have started building my 2nd HTPC for the purpose of playing 1080p Blu ray rips. My earlier build was AMD 350 which I have connected with my 720p Plasma. I am using it as a download rig and 24/7 file server and I am fully satisfied with it. This time I am going to connect the new...
  11. yesh1th

    Need advice for Gaming HTPC

    Wanted some advice from the HTPC Gurus for a Gaming HTPC build. Why I need Gaming - I'm not a hardcore gamer, will probably play for max 5-10 hrs in a week (of course if theres a new kickass game, then the number might be more) .. I like action/adventure/third person games, not a big fan of...
  12. dheerajjotwani

    For Sale Htpc

    Acquired a ASUS E350-M1 Pro board from the US using online shipping about two months ago for a low cost htpc for a friend of mine. It is the base of this setup. I have added 4gb corsair ddr3 ram and a Iball baby 315 cabinet. this is a diskless solution so far and runs openelec and xbmc off a pen...
  13. P

    media plus blue ray player

    Dear expert i am looking for media player plus blue ray player however i am not sure if i will get it in one package. i will prefer one system.Will i need htpc ?... my budget is moderate around 15 to 20k.. Presently i have Marantz avr 6007, samsung smart led tv,3 tb nas wd live which...
  14. P

    Looking for mini-ITX cases with ~200W PSU

    Hi, I'm looking for a case to house my mini-ITX board + CPU. I am particularly looking for a compact solution that will fit nicely into my TV room and I'm trying to specifically locate a suitable mini-ITX case for this reason. My estimated power requirements are under 200W. Could...
  15. Santy

    Building HTPC- Gaming PC!

    Hey guys I am building a PC meant for gaming also as a source for movies and music. Have a look at the config: MB Gigabyte GA-B75M-D3H 32GB DDR3 CPU Intel Core i5-3470 3rd Gen SMPS Corsair Gaming Series GS600 80 PLUS Certified Case NZXT Gamma Mid Tower GPU Gigabyte AMD HD 7850 OC...
  16. baijuxavior

    Antec Fusion HTPC

    It is almost five months since I assembled my new HTPC. During the assembling, I could not take pictures. Recently I opened my HTPC to install a graphics card and used the chance to snap a few shots. Excuse for the low quality pics. The Antec Fusion Remote Silver HTPC cabinet. On left side is...
  17. G

    A decent SFX power supply for my HTPC

    I bought a Zebronics Flair cabinet for my HTPC (no PSU was included). I've assembled all other components: Intel G630 Gigabyte GA-B75M-D3H Corsair 4GB DDR3 1333 Sapphire ATI Radeon HD6570 An older HDD and DVD-RW drive from a previous build. Only thing missing is the power supply :p...
  18. K

    HTPC for 15 to 20 k

    What is your budget? 20K Q: What is your existing hardware configuration (component name - component brand and model) Maxtor hard drive 160 GB Monitor - Sony Bravia 46 inch Cabinet - Zebronics flair SMPS - The one which come with the cabinet Speakers - 5.1 Fenda 6000 with analog...
  19. baijuxavior

    Customize Windows 7 for XBMC

    This is a small guide I wrote in xbmc forum on how to configure your win 7 system to get a complete htpc feel. I have discussed some of this topic in my htpc thread, but thought a dedicated thread will be useful for HTPC enthusiasts. Warning: Eventhough I haven't experienced any problem...
  20. B

    Suggest HTPC config for 18k

    Hi guys can u please sugest a good micro ATX / Mini ITX Motherboards + processor combo form my htpc. M also looking at the iball baby 306 cabinet, can u guys suggest anything better, i want something which is side mountable. I am not interested in gaming and the mobo sould have hdmi out.