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  1. K

    HTPC Configuration help

    Am planning to convert my old rig in to an HTPC ....will be using these components CPU - AMD athlon X2 3ghz Motherboard - Asus M2N 68 AM+ GPU - XFX GT 220 RAM - Transcend 1X2GB DDR 2 800hz Monitor - AOC 19 inch, will connect it to Sony Bravia 32 inch later SMPS - Stock , came with the...
  2. baijuxavior

    For Sale AMD Fusion E350 HTPC

    For sale is my 7 months old HTPC based on AMD fusion E350 APU platform. Specifications Motherboard - Gigabyte GA-350N-USB3 Processor - Integrated 1.6 GHz Dual core APU Memory - Corsair 4GB DDR3 1333 Cabinet - Cooler Master Elite 100 HDD - None Remote control - None Accessories...
  3. Athulan

    Proposed HTPC build specs - comments required

    Hi there HTPC experts, Proposing a HTPC build with following specs. Please comment... First my requirements:- 1. No gaming absolutely 2. Rip DVD's often; BD-ROM's occasionally 3. Watching HD and SD movies. Already have a Pioneer BD player. This HTPC would be connected to my Onkyo...
  4. S

    For Sale A high performance PC under 20k

    Selling my desktop PC that clocks in at 15000+ on 3Dmark05 and can easily play crysis/ crysis 2/ GTA 4/saints row 3 & even Max Payne 3 (maxpayne based on system requirements... Still waiting to play it myself). In my dual monitor setup, I'm also running XBMC from this machine to the TV (extended...
  5. M

    no audio from onkyo HT-R390 connected to pc graphic card(XFX hd 6950)

    hi friends, i have connected my onkyo ht-r390 to the pc graphic card(xfx amd hd 6950) through HDMI cable. but the problem is i am not getting any audio from my receiver. :sad: my goal was to have 5.1 sound from my pc. for display i have connected a dell monitor to dvi output of my graphic...
  6. R

    Zotac ZBOX Availability

    Hi, Does anyone know where I can buy a Zotac AD04 or AD10 (other than e-tailers). Am located in Chennai, and have already looked up Supreme Computers - they have HD ID11, which is an old Intel Atom model. Have also called up a couple of shops at Nehru Place, Delhi (although picking it up...
  7. R

    Streaming to XBMC via NAS

    Hi All, Newbie alert! I have a jail broken atv2 that can be installed with Firecore/XBMC. Was wondering if I can stream all the media I have on USB hdds (movies, music) to it via some kind of a NAS device such as this: Lan Storage Device: Share USB HDD & Printers on Network, FTP Server...
  8. R

    Budget HTPC running XBMC

    Hi All, Am new here, and a newbie. Am looking for a HTPC. I don't have the money to buy a branded one (WD, Xtream, etc.) nor do I have the technical know-how to build one from scratch. Have read on this forum and others that if I can get my hands on a reasonably spec'd H/W, I will be able...
  9. P

    A fairly long question - Pls help

    I will try to keep it short but given the confusion I'm into, I might end up with a long question. I have the following: - A desktop PC Intel Pentium IV, 2.66 ghz, 1.5 GB DDR1, DVD Drive (CD writer), Samsung 17" LCD, 80 GB solid state HD - 500 gb Seagate external hard drive, I have loads...
  10. K

    media streaming with good interface

    Hi all, Have been using my trusted Xtreamer sidewinder for the last two years...but have grown tired of its rather unpolished interface..which media players have that among the ones available in India? I am particularly looking for a good library function and automatic scraping of movie info...
  11. haisaikat

    (haisaikat) My 3D Slim HTPC cum Region Free Blu-Ray Player

    Hi Everyone, Yesterday I finished building my HTPC (cum region free BD Player and 3D ready) that was in the process of building for more than 1 month slowly in stages. Before I proceed any further I have to say a big thank you to sam9s, spirovious and baijuxaviour without whom I would not have...
  12. aloklala

    Journey from Room to Home Theater with DIY Acoustics

    I am on a journey to create a dedicated Home Theater room out of my normal room on the 1st floor of my Noida house. I am startig off today by adding pictures of the bare bone room and the wood I bought to start the acoustics. :yahoo: Details of photos below: 1. 1st photo - Enterance door ro...
  13. edjamesx

    Looking for Good Quality Microphone for my PC

    Hi Guys, I am looking for good quality microphone for my PC. We are doing some short films , We require some good quality microphone for re-recording. We got some analog mic , but there's some fuzz sound coming in the recording. That might be because of analog connection. I think USB...
  14. baijuxavior

    DIY - AMD Fusion HTPC

    After getting inspiration from the HTPC threads of sam9 and others, I decided to assemble an HTPC myself. I sold my himedia 600b player and bought the components for HTPC. Here I will try to discuss how I assembled the HTPC with necessary images. This was my first complete PC assembling. So I...
  15. haisaikat

    Slim HTPC Cabinet within 4K or less for micro ATX boards

    Hi All, I am trying to figure out a good HTPC cabinet for micro ATX based boards within 4K INR or even lesser. Following ones I found to be available online, need suggestions if there are better ones at lower / same price. It has be within 10cm for height dimension when laid horizontally...
  16. S

    Can an old PC be converted into an HTPC?

    I have an old Pentium III (500Mhz) machine that I bought a couple of years back (in fact, during my engineering college days). The machine has 1GB ram, a DVD-ROM player. Now, I am wondering if I can use this PC as an HTPC? :rolleyes: My initial doubts are: 1. Is it even possible (because...
  17. L

    Gaming HTPC - Budget 40000 INR

    Hi Friends, i am planning to buy a new HTPC and have a budget of around 40,000 INR (+ 5000 INR) The following are my requirements: 1. Video Output to 32 HD LCD TV (so no monitor required) 2. Sound output to Logitec Z 5500 3. want a system with Wireless keyboard & mouse 4. Should have...
  18. M

    HTPC connected to 2003 Vintage Philips Rear Projection

    Hi everyone, I am new to this forum and this is my first post. I came across this forum when I was searching for a good AVR to replace my Sony MHC MG310 AV system. This system had 5.1 RCA inputs. Last year I built an HTPC using MSI 790GX-G65 motherboard, which I connected to this system. I also...
  19. Z

    XBMC plugin for watching cricket

    Hey guys, Ive been using xbmc for more than a year now. Now that the cricket world cup is just round the corner, I was wondering if there is a plugin/script for watching cricket matches (from ustream or sopcast) that can be watched from xbmc. Ive been going through the plugin...
  20. cavallino

    value for money speaker set/receiver for htpc?

    Purpose : Watching movies Requirement: SPDIF IN Price - Value for money What should I be looking at guys - receivers or 5.1 speakers? regards cavallino