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  1. C

    Connecting a HTPC to a projector

    I would like to share my experiences of connecting my HTPC to my projector. The following are my specs: HTPC - Gigabyte EG45M UD2H motherboard with HDMI, optical SPDIF, DVI-D and VGA, ATI HD5850 card with HDMI AV Receiver - Onkyo TX SR 605 Projector - Infocus IN72 (480p) When I set...
  2. nshankar

    Sound Chipset Drivers ...

    I have just put together a HTPC with the following config :- Case :- CoolerMaster HAF X Power Supply :- Thermaltake EVO 650W Motherboard :- Gigabyte GA-H55M-D2H Processor :- Intel i3 540 3.06 GHz CPU Cooler :- CoolerMaster V8 RAM :- 4GB, Kingston DDR3 1333 (KVR1333D3N9/2G) 2GB x 2...
  3. kapvin

    For Sale The great AV sale - part 6 - HD-DVD/BD HTPC

    another unreasonable order from the high command - now that you have an xtreamer Pro, get rid of at least 1 HTPC so here goes Blu-ray+HD-DVD+DVD playback HTPC Intel dual core 45nm E5200 2.5GHZ oc'd to 3.33 ghz 4 GB RAM 750 GB HDD iball 308 case GA-EG43M-S2H (rev. 1.1)motherboard LG BD-rom/...
  4. dotMac

    Mac mini as HTPC?

    I was just wondering whether anyone here use Mac mini as a HTPC to drive a FullHD HDTV? If yes, can you let me know the pitfalls you have so far encountered? Or any limitation that I must be aware of? Did you had to buy a Streamer or Win HTPC as a supplement to Mac? Did you had a need to...
  5. esanthosh

    My humble beginnings in Hi-Fi world

    After a month of laziness, I finally managed to upload my pictures to HFV. Very minor changes have happened in the 2 channel setup after the pics were taken, but the pics will be updated after some major changes I am planning :). I started my journey with lot of questions...
  6. iaudio

    Post Your HTPC/ MUSIC PC Configurations here

    Fellow HFV members, It would be very helpful if we could all share what configurations we have for our HTPC's and Music PC's. I hope this thread would serve as a quick and good reference for anyone wanting to build such a PC. Please list out the components. Also if you could, at the end of...
  7. gap g j

    Corsair Cabinet

    Hi Have a look a corsair cabinet The Corsair Dream PC—somtimes to do it right, you have to build it yourself. | Corsair.com gap G J
  8. grunthos

    confusion about video connections

    Sorry for the noob question, but what is the best way to connect a computer to a oldish tv that has only composite input ? I have a lot of divx files that I normally run on my laptop - and I have been thinking of connecting it to my tv. The laptop only has a vga and a svideo port. From what I...