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Mogami Cables
  1. D

    Connect Philips HTS3000 (10 yr old) to Tata Sky Or Samsung 40" LED

    Hello Guys, This is my first thread here. Will try to obey all the rules. I have a 10 yr odd old Philips HTS system. I want to use it to connect to my TataSky STB along with the Samsung 40" LED TV. The problem is that the AVR of the HTS3000 has RCA input (6 channel analog) and the STB/TV...
  2. M

    Used HTS For 6K-10K INR

    Der fellow AVphiles. I'm looking for a used Home theater system for around 6K-10K INR. I know it's too low for anything of a great quality or even good. But that's all I can afford. And I want it for my kid so that she can enjoy listening to Bach, Mozart, Hariprasad n Shiv Kumar Sharma :)...
  3. A

    Newbie:need advice for custom made entry level HTS

    Hi Guys, I need your advice very badly. First of all I am not in hurry to make my HTS. i am doing research now on HTS like which one to choose, so going through all the AV forums. I am looking for 5.0 or 5.1 HTS, Tower Speaker is must. budget around 35K i have read lots of positive...
  4. D

    Yamaha RX-V675 with Tannoy HTS 101 OR Wharfedale DX-1 HCP?

    After reading a bit about the specs that are specified in the brochures and trying to understand a bit to help differentiate Speaker packages, I think I've now got my mind set on the Wharfedale DX-1's vs the Tannoy HTS 101's. Especially, on Frequency Response alone, you can see that the...
  5. Y

    Home Theatre under 50k

    Hi Guys, Just to give a background...I am getting my house constructed and thus planning to setup a good HT in my bedroom which will be primarily used for TV and Movies and sometimes games... As I am completely noob and don't have any idea about various AVR's so I am posting here for the...
  6. K

    Home Theatre Vs HiFi System Help Me

    I recently bought a Sony KDL EX720 - 46inch TV. I have a HD connection from Tata Sky. I love the TV and quality. I am now pondering what additional stuff I need. 1. Is Home Theatre really needed (like Onkyo S3400) or a Sony DAV-DZ840K OR can live witha min HiFi System like MHC-GZR888DA.All the...
  7. S

    Sony DAV-DZ510/610 Vs. Philips HTS5550/5540

    Hello, happy new year! I'm looking to buy a "simple" HTS. Don't have a LCD/LED TV for HD connection yet, however would like to have HDMI output in the player for 'future-proofing'. Not looking for Blu-Ray. Narrowed down my choices to the following. Sony DAV-DZ510 - MRP Rs.19,990...
  8. denzong

    For Sale Yamaha AVR RX 361 & Speaker Set

    Hi All, want to sell my Yamaha HT 5.1 with AVR RX 361 AVR, Subwoofer and the speakers are in excellent condition. although the system is 3 years old i dont think the total listening has been more then 100hrs anytime auditions can be given shipping at buyers costs. total package...
  9. A

    HTS for 10k

    Hi, Can anyone suggest HTS for 10k? Im using a CRT TV and Im looking at a player which can play all formats, including USB. I saw a Mitsun HTS for 10k(not aware of model No.) The dealer said it has an output of 15,000 W Im a beginner in this segment so I have no idea of how to select a good...
  10. B

    HTS for ~15K

    Hi Everybody, I need to purchase a HTS for ~15K. Following is the criteria - - HDMI upscaling - Plays variety of video formats. - Digital Optical Input for Audio (for sound from other DVD players with optical out). - >=400-500W of RMS. - Brand ->...