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  1. S

    CD/DVD player repair shop/technician recommendation in Hyderabad?

    Can fellow FMs from Hyderabad kindly recommend any good technicians/electronic repair shops in Hyderabad who can look at and fix a (pretty old) Pioneer DVD player? Or at least diagnose the problem? I use it for CD playback only, but it has started showing some tray opening issues. It was working...
  2. S

    Need suggestion for first home theater setup???

    Hi, I need your valuable suggestion on my first home theater setup for living room. Current Room size : 16 x 12, but don't want to be constraint with this size as it would be bigger for my flat in future...may be 20 x 14. My total budget is not more than 1.1L. I drilled down to Yamaha...
  3. reachkalyan.kr

    For Sale 1.Marantz MM7055 & 2.HDMI Audio Extractor

    1. For Sale Marantz MM7055 - 5 Channel Power amp. I am putting up my beloved Marantz power amp with half interest - Preparing my mind Purchased date- Jan end 2017 from Hifimart. Kept as unused for 7 months during my location change ( March 2017 - September 2017 ). Comes with complete packing...
  4. M

    Pioneer A 400 repair Hyderabad

    I had purchased a Pioneer A 400 for an FM two days back. The Amp was not properly packed and it arrived with a big dent on the top and it is not working. I am looking for someone who can help repair this in Hyderabad. Any info you all can provide would be highly appreciated. Thanks so much.
  5. S

    My HT@Hyderabad

    Hello guys, i was looking to build my HT and have been doing some research on the same by going through this forum and sites similar to this. I have gone to different places and had a demo of different setups in Hyderabad and also few places in Coimbatore (checked few places when i went there)...
  6. A

    Repair for a US bought Onkyo Reciever

    Hi All, I have a US bought Onkyo receiver (2011 model) which is no longer playing any sound. Onkyo India seems to have a policy of not servicing US bought models :sad:. Any suggestions on non Onkyo service centre's or freelance technicians who can repair Onkyo AV receivers in Hyderabad...
  7. A

    Blu ray player

    I want to buy a Blu ray player for my YHT 299 to watch movies. I dont have a 3d tv but in future maybe so want to be future proof i guess. Can you suggest any Blu ray player. My budget can be streched to 10-12k. Me at Hyderabad and early help solicited for a good buy in the festive season in...
  8. pingks

    Wanted Norge Concerto Gold 1000

    I have Yamaha 8900 Tower Speakers with me (3 years old, got it from a friend). Looking for "Norge Concerto Gold 1000", preferably from Hyderabad.
  9. K

    LG 47LA6910 vs SONY KDL-47W850A and LG 47LA6910 BEST PRICE IN HYDERABAD

    Hi Friends, I have been doing some R&D in deciding 47" smart TV. After lot of time and effort, I got two TVs in the final round - LG 47LA6910 vs SONY KDL-47850A. Based on research so far, I am rating 9/10 for LG 47LA6910 and 8.5/10 for SONY KDL47W850. I request owners of these two models...
  10. R

    Need Help in finalizing PS51F5500 Sam Plasma TV : my 4year kid is unable to decide!

    Hi I am newbie to this forum and to the world of Plasma / LED TVs. In fact, the last 29 Inch LG Flatron that I had - tanked off almost 3 yrs back (picture tube issue). Since then, I never found the need of a TV I watch most of the movies, fav serials on my laptop and my wife, in-laws...
  11. K

    Sony TV dealers

    Hi All, I am from Hyderabad, and decided to buy one of the following TVs sony w950 ( 46) sony w900 (40) sony hx850( 46 or 40) ( if stock is available). Arey there any drawbacks with the above models? Plz suggest good dealers in Hyderabad, who offers competitive prices. Appreciate...
  12. A

    50 inch Plasma in Hyderabad

    Guys, it's been an ongoing, never-ending quest for the perfect balance of quality and economy. Let's close in for the kill now. Those who are in for it, let's decide on the one we are going for and initiate a group buy. This waiting is too much...!
  13. Kevian

    Any Quad 22L2 owners in Hyderabad?

    Folks, Quad 22L2 speakers on Hifimart is really a mouth watering deal. Based on online reviews, these speakers seems to be good for both music and movies as well. So, I'd like to listen to these speakers before I make any decision. So, if any good soul in Hyderabad owns them, please...
  14. I

    Norge Dealer in Hyderabad?

    Hi, Is there a Norge Dealer in Hyderabad? I've been asking all the major AV showrooms in Somajiguda / nearby areas and nobody seems to be dealing with Norge. I tried calling Norge Mumbai number to inquire about any Hyderabad dealer, but no answer. Anybody knows if there is a Norge dealer in...
  15. T

    Home theater under 3 lakhs

    Planning to buy home theater upto 3 lakhs MRP. Price includes :- 1) Projector and screen 2) Blu ray Player 3) Speaker system 4) Amplifier Room dimensions are roughly 20 x 10 x 15 = 3000 ft^3. Open to all suggestions, so please post :)
  16. cha_indian

    Any Norge Speakers owners in Hyderabad ?

    Hi I am looking to audition Norge gear in Hyderabad....so I would like to know if any hyderbadi on this forum owns Norge gear. I am a great fan of Norge and i would like to build my second setup with bookshelves for my computer audio. Request any Norge owners to let me know if they can spare...
  17. sammydude

    Where do I buy Samsung PS51D550 in Hyderabad? Is it the right time to buy?

    Hello all I've decided to buy a Plasma 3D Full HD Tv. Zeroed in on Samsung PS51D550. Don't want to look at any other model, since this is good VFM below 70K. 1) Where do I get it for a good price in Hyderabad? 2) Will there be finance options available? 3) Is it the right time to buy or...
  18. rraghuram

    Any Audioengine A5 owners in Hyderabad?

    Hello folks, Wondering if I can check out AE A5s at a member's place in Hyd? Strongly leaning towards them right now but just want to audition them before I commit! So, are there any A5 owners in Hyd and Can I check them out at your place? Thanks a ton. Raghuram
  19. A

    budget or mid-range Stereo advise required

    Dear Friends, I'm from Hyderabad. I have decided to take a step into the hi-fi world and I want to get started by putting together a stereo setup for my living room. This is a really good forum. I have read several hundreds of posts at this site, and learnt a lot of things(and also got...
  20. S

    Audioengine AS8 Subwoofer repair

    My trusty (maybe not so much..) Audioengine AS8 recently seems to have died on me.It was bought from Home - BAJAAO - Buy and Review Musical Instruments and Pro Audio Equipment in India on 25 July 2010 . The green power light comes on when the subwoofer is switched on - it is supposed to be...