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Home Theatre Systems
  1. kapvin

    SOLD Pioneer AVH-Z5090BT Car Play + Android Auto Head Unit

    Very slightly used Head Unit. https://pioneer-india.in/buy/car-entertainment-car-stereos-touchscreen-dvd-players/avh-z5090bt/ Was a top of the line Head Unit when I purchased it for my Corolla. But my wife was tired of driving a Manual and we purchased an Brezza Automatic Car within 6 months...
  2. kapvin

    SOLD PowerBass ASA 400.4x 4 channel ICE Class A/B amplifier

    this is a fairly legendary amplifier, very flexible and can be used in a variety of installs, used it to drive bridged small subs, 2 channels of music and 2.2 it is 2 ohm stable so pretty much anything can be driven by it. was used in my corolla and removed when it was sold. new car has...
  3. Manoj Sivaraman

    Swift 2018 stock HU subwoofer upgrade

    Hi guys, This is Manoj Sivaraman back with another DIY project. So this basically applies for all cars hatchback cars. The stock speakers and HU was more than sufficient thought the unit lacks punchy bass and distorts due to bass being sent to all door speakers. We will do a basic upgrade under...
  4. S

    Current ICE - Looking for upgrade to Double Din Touch Screen

    Boston S60 (6.5" Component Speakers) Boston S65 (6.5" Coaxial Speakers) JBL S644 - 4 channel amplifier Rockford Prime 12" Subwoofer [R1S412] Alpine MRX-M50 - Monoblock Subwoofer Amplifier This was a setup which was running in my old car for about couple of years along with the Kenwood X994...
  5. bhagwan

    Wanted 3 way component speaker for Skoda Rapid - ICE !

    I need to get some ICE done for my Skoda Rapid. I am looking for 'budget' level - used gear. 3 way speaker components - front door 4 channel amplifier 10 or 12 inch sub woofer All to be in perfect working condition. Budget is 'flexible' [Retail less 50 to 70 % off is what I would be...
  6. A

    ICE for Honda Amaze

    Hi guys, I will be getting my Honda Amaze E-MT (basic model) soon. and since it will not have ICE with it I need to get one in it. Please suggest me a VFM set up with a Head Unit and 2 front and 2 rear LSs, would I need an AMP too? I would love to have a touch screen based system with...
  7. sabret00the

    ALTO Re-ICEing help needed

    Hi All, I know that there a bunch of ALTO/small car ice threads around but I created this thread since I'm in doubt about a few things. Issue:- Not happy with the sound quality of the current setup. Although the setup sounds okay at lower volumes but base falls completely flat and sound...
  8. soulforged

    ICEing a Safari

    Hi, I find the factory-fitted system in the Safari woefully inadequate. Though the system is Alpine (and I have a very good experience with this brand), the bass is thin, the treble is tinny and it gives an ear-fatigue while listening to it for a long time. I don't think it's essentially...
  9. K

    Car Audio for my Hyundai i10 Magna

    Hi All, I am just joined and this is my post!:) I have went through most of the threads in this forum to put and end for my search and decide on some of better configs given here, but still unable to decide, hence thought of posting my own thread. My reqs/criteria: 1. A car audio system...
  10. J

    Help needed to built ICE for Accent GLS

    Hello experts, I have Accent GLS 1.6 and Car is completely blank with no ICE. OK...Here is wot im planning with my ICE HU : Clarion DXZ675USB \RB....im importing from "www.onlinecarstereo.com"...how genuine are they?? wot about warranty..how would i claim since im from Mumbai,India...
  11. santhosh

    Showcase your ICE here

    After seeing all of your Audio Video Setup here, I have often wondered what kind of A/V setup you have in your Cars. So showcase your ICE(In Car Entertainment) here