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Wharfedale Diamond 11.1 & 11.2 Speakers
  1. SachinChavan

    Etymotic or Grado?

    Hi guys, I am looking at buying new IEMs and based on my net research I have narrowed upon two IEMs: - Etymotic ER4SR, and - Grado GR10e Both are armature based. And as you can guess, I am looking for detailed but natural (and hopefully linear) presentation. I am undecided between these and...
  2. anirudhchandrashekar

    Wanted A good pair of IEMs

    Hi all, planning to have a portable setup when I sit at the office to write code. I am probably looking at an IEM and a portable DAP for this. Is anyone parting with any IEMs? HiFi or ChiFi, DM me with the IEMs you have for sale. If anything clicks to my interest, I shall make the purchase...
  3. Anurag

    For Sale Grado GR10e

    Grado GR10e, Their flagship, top of the line iem, one of the best in ear headphones for vocals and mid-range at any price. Working absolutely perfectly and 10/10 condition. Expected 24k Mrp 34k
  4. abhisheak

    Wanted Sony MDR-XB90EX IEM

    Looking for Sony MDR-XB90EX IEM in good condition.
  5. A

    For Sale Sennheiser HD598 SE and CX 3.00

    Hi guys, selling off my sparingly used headphones and earphones. Reason for sale, upgraded to HD 650 and RHA MA750. HD598 SE Impedance - 50 Ohms. Very easy to drive. Condition - Mint. Hardly used these. Bought them in 27th Nov 2015. Comes with the original box and all accessories. MRP -...
  6. S

    SOLD For sale: Chord Mojo & Oriveti New Primacy

    Item #1: Chord Mojo Description: Its the best DAC in its price range period. I do not really need to say morte about it - it is very heavily reviewed in hifi sites, and generally considered the gold standard in portable DAC/Amps. Can easily drive all headphones upto 600 Ohm and is absolutely...
  7. Anurag

    For Sale KLIPSCH - REFERENCE R6i @4k

    For Sale: KLIPSCH - REFERENCE R6i Purchased on: 24/11/2015, from Cinebels Banglore, warranty is still remaining. Condition: 9/10 All accessories, extra eartips, carry case, manuals, box, bill are included. Expected Price: 4k + shipping at buyer's risk. MRP: 8k Item Location...
  8. R

    Want to buy IEM, budget is around 8K, please suggest

    I am looking for a pair of IEM for my Fiio X5. The sound signature that I am looking for is Balanced/Neutral with hint of Warmth, well defined bass/sub bass and clear mids and clear highs. Within 8000.00 INR, could you please suggest some models?
  9. Audiopolitan

    Rock It Sounds R-50M In-Ear Monitor Review

    Rock It Sounds is an American manufacturer of high performance In-Ear Monitors (IEMs) and headphones. The R-50M In-Ear Monitor is their latest offering. It is the same IEM as the R-50 but adds a mic and a call on/off button; hence the letter M (Mobile) added to the model number. The R-50M like...
  10. kartick

    Signature Acoustics C-12 Elements Wooden IEMs : A Review by Kartick Grover

    Signature Acoustics C-12 Elements Wooden IEMs by PROAUDIOHOME (Formerly known as Pristine Note) : Listening Impressions/Review by Kartick Grover I had read a few online reviews about Signature Acoustics C-12 which made me very curious about this indigenous offering. I had a very detailed...
  11. Rupam

    Showcase your IEM,Headphone, PMPs

    Lets start a Picture thread of IEM/ Headphone + Portable Media Player . Post your headphones, iems/canalphones and/or custom monitors
  12. A

    IEM for under Rs 5,000

    Hi All, I am looking for a new IEM in India(Pune) below Rs. 5000. Not sure which one to purchase and from where to purchase. I mainly listen loud music so need ear-plug with good bass. Thought of purchasing Re262 of HiFIMan but unable to get any seller in India. Please help me
  13. N

    IEM for under Rs 7,000 (Re262?

    Hi Guys! :) Please help me with this query - I was looking for IEMs to replace my Klipsch S4. Budget is upto Rs 7,000. I'm somewhat intent upon RE262 :ohyeah: after reading reviews and comparisons, but I am not sure where to purchase them from. I live in Delhi NCR and Nehru Place isn't of...