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image retention

Audiolab 6000A Amplifier
  1. soulforged

    Media/Clip for Washing TIR in Plasma

    Apparently you get movie clips for 'washing' TIR in Plasmas. I learnt that the newer TVs come with this as a feature. It is essentially the kind of screen we used to get in the old CRTs of yore when there was no signal. If there's a technical term for it, I do not know it. Is anybody aware of...
  2. vramak

    Plasma Burn-in : Has anyone ever seen a burned-in set?

    Has anyone ever seen a plasma with burn-in? I've seen one and its pic is already on two threads here. (But burn-in in that set was caused by abusing the set at the store.) Apart from my pic I've managed to find only one more pic -...
  3. vramak

    LG plasmas and Image Retention

    How does image retention look on LG plasmas and how often is it noticed ? On my Samsung B450, I've seen some image retention in high contrast scenes but the image doesn't leave a replica ghost image. It leaves rather a film-negative-like image retention of the original image - whites will be...
  4. vramak

    HELP! I've got a demo piece with IR and am not sure what do now!

    Long story short: Got Samsung 42B450 plasma. (Insisted the dealer that I want a fresh piece and not a demo piece.) The TV showed faint IR of Sony Max logo and scorecard right out of the box, when displaying a black screen in perfect dark conditions. The IR isn't noticeable in daylight conditions...