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    Cause of image corruption? Sony KDL40X2000U

    From October 2006 my KDL40X2000U LCD TV has served well. It continues to do so when in a good mood. Sadly it's mood is now tetchy. Generally a few minutes after switching on it will start corrupting images with certain luma levels getting 'flattened' into lighter tones (looking somewhat...
  2. K

    Plasma TV image

    I bought a new 42" plasma tv. I've never spent much time watching one before. Is this normal - an example: if the weatherman is in the center of the screen he appears normal but if he moves slightly off camera to show the map his image stretches as he gets to the right or left of my screen...
  3. P

    Paradigm Monitor 11 or PSB Image T6 or ... ?

    I have a budget of around 60-70k for speakers & in the last 2 weeks, I have tested the following speakers: Dali, Ikon 6 - Rs 87,000/- JBL ES-80 - Rs 55,000/- MS Mezzo - Rs 65,000/-approx Paradigm Monitor 11 - Rs 79,000/- Xavain XC - Rs 1,00,000/- PSB Image T6 - Rs 85,000/- Polk Audio...