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Wharfedale Linton Heritage Speakers
  1. tripaccino

    BUYING DIRECT FROM USA Schiit.com Customs and Import Duties 2020

    I've been on the look out for some elusive Schiit gear. They have been out of stock for quite a while now with their authorised Indian Reseller headphone zone (HPZ) and unlikely to be restocked anytime soon due to supply chain issues owing to the pandemic. Seeing as they are so rare to come up...
  2. Vivek Batra

    Importing AV gear from Australia

    Hi FMs I am planning to import a Luxman dac from Australia. The prices are the cheapest compared to rest of the world except Japan. Does any one has any experience dealing with HiFi dealers in Australia? I have got quotes from some dealers over there who are ready to ship to India. Any kind...
  3. M

    Importing AVR from UK

    I am planning to buy a new AVR, probably Yamaha RXV-481, but price in India is around Rs 40,000/-. The same AVR can be bought from amazon.co.uk for GBP 279, which is roughly Rs 23,000/-. Has anyone tried importing an AVR from abroad from an online retailer? What extra charges would I need to pay?
  4. noblejose

    How to get a Marantz stereo amplifier (used) from Europe (Germany) to Bangalore.

    Hey all! I've came across a pre-owned "MARANTZ PM 15 S2 Limited Edition" from Germany. My friend is there in Germany, but he travel to India only after 4-5 months... The present owner is a German national, who says he can also ship it to Bangalore and it costs approx 85 Euros, including...
  5. T

    Should i buy AVR from USA ?

    My friend from USA just wanted to gift me something when he comes to INDIA. I have a SONY w850 47" TV and a HTPC. I thought of asking an AVR since i am going to buy Paradigm 100CT or something like that (because of limited space) on march 2015. After some 4or5 years i would like to add Two...
  6. haisaikat

    Find out how much money your AV gears actually cost to the dealers / distributors

    Found this information on a old thread and seems these sites like www.zauba.com records the inbound and outbound shipments to and from India and creates their database. As per this you will be surprised to know how much your gears actually costed when it was imported. As for my case, I paid...
  7. anubisX

    Anyone Willing To Buy From Amazon @ Purana Exchange Rate ?

    Hello everyone, you might've seen my thread other thread created in July when I bought an iPhone and USPS stole the phone. Anyways, the good news is that the seller has refunded me partially as he only had the phone insured for a partial amount only :( Stupid him !! So, I have that in my Amazon...
  8. rocknrolla

    How to import?

    Hi hifi-gurus :cool:, I am building myself a HTPC. I have bought most of the components, cabinet (cooler master advanced 120) PSU (corsair 450W) LLANO APU memory Motherboard - I read reviews on various motherboards and decided on the Asrock A75M ITX (mini-itx form factor). Its not...
  9. J

    Has anyone imported expensive speakers to India from Abroad recently?

    Hi, Has anyone imported expensive speakers from abroad recently. By expensive I mean a price of $6000/pair including shipping. What is the final import and customs duty I need to pay as per the new norms? The government website says that the excise duty is 10% for speakers. But I know...
  10. C

    Custom duty discussion on blu-rays imported

    So lately customs have started to charge min 33% duty for almost all amazon UK blu-ray orders placed by us. And specially this is happening from September. And if this trend continues it's gonna get costly for us to import blu-rays from amazon UK, which is like safe heaven for cheap blu-rays...
  11. haisaikat

    Iccworld shopabroadline.com is giving new year discount on importing from us

    All, i found that the iccworld service www.shopabroadonline.com is offering new year discount using promocode HELLO2012 on international shipment. What more i have compared witj aramex and comes way cheaper tha aramex on shipping cost for dutiable items in terms of weight. If you use the...
  12. Nagaraj S

    What is the best way to import a speaker from abroad?

    Hi all, I need to import a speaker from abroad (from ebay UK). The speaker is a Tannoy FC center, which is no longer availlable in India. NEW Tannoy FC Apple 140W Three Way AV Centre Speaker | eBay (thanks to spirovious for sharing this) 1. What is the best and most economical way to...
  13. Q

    I need exporter from S'pore

    Hello Frnz, I want to start my import electronics business from S'pore & Malaysia. I'd appreciate If anyone knows any exporter in Malaysia & S'pore. I want 2 models 1) Sony Ex 100 2) Hitachi CPRX 79 Let me know If anyone of you knows about it. Regards
  14. Q

    Projectors from Singapore

    Hello Fellas, Its my first thread & first day in HiFiVision.com. I have heard that its a nice platform to discuss about electronics. Well friends I want to deal in Projectors.Recently I bought few projectors from china.Till the moment the experience is OK. not great. Now I am planning to...
  15. I

    Newbie\\ Light weight home theatre\\ USA Import\\

    Hello, Let me put it simple, want a decent home theatre with specifications as follows: >Own home decent sized living room, currently housing a PC and a 2.1 Sony player. >Projector, PS3 (other receiver are also OK) PS3 not because I am game freak, because it has all disc compatibilities...