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  1. neel

    For Sale For Sale: Projector Screen: Inlight Wall Imported Autolock/Instalock Screen

    Item: Inlight Wall Imported Autolock/Instalock Screen Size: 10ftx8ft Product description: Item very similar to https://www.amazon.in/Inlight-Autolock-Instalock-Projector-Screen/dp/B07663C43P Supports 1080 P FULL HD, 3 D and 4 K Technology, Comes with instalock/Autolock mechanism, i.e. No...
  2. K

    Grey market imported receivers

    #7 - Grey market imported receivers Has anyone bought grey-market imported receivers from online sites, or local dealers who provide seller warranty and/or no warranty? Were there any hiccups in your experience? Who would you recommend as dealers who can supply at competitive rates to...
  3. V

    No Official Warranty Coverage on imported TVs

    Beware Guys: Sony and Samsung have both said they will not provide any warranty, repair or installation support for imported sets and plan to exclude India from the purview of any international warranty coverage. Panasonic plans to charge the consumer for any component that needs to be...
  4. G

    First ever Salks (SongTower QWT) in India

    Fellow Audiophiles After 6 months on intensive research and hunting, I am finally happy (and very much relieved) to say that I am the proud owner of the first ever Salk Sound speakers (SongTowers QWT) in India. :yahoo: Now I am not as knowledgeable as most of you or even close to having an...