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indian classical

Wharfedale Evo 4.2
  1. SachinChavan

    New Gen and Next Gen Indian Classical (Hindustani/Carnatic) Artists

    Are you a lover of Indian classical music, whether from the North or the South, bred listening to the stalwarts whose prime was between 70 and 00 and who established Indian classical into the international force that it is? While there can be no satiation to be reached listening to these...
  2. E

    West Asian music -- Persian, Turkish, Iraqi, Israeli etc...

    These days I find myself more and more into music from West Asia (or the Middle-East, although is Turkey also Middle-East?). I was wondering why the attraction. Perhaps because they have some similarities with Indian classical, while also being different enough to have that new-ness and exotic...
  3. SachinChavan

    Classically based songs from New (2000’s) Hindi Films

    While everyone keeps lamenting over the loss of melody and class in modern Hindi films, there are some songs that counter the prevailing trend. Whether explicitly based in a particular raga or not, they have underpinnings of classical musical mores that pleases the discerning listener. Let’s...
  4. raghupb

    Rest in peace Shri. Kadri Gopalnath

    A music maestro passes away. Though I was not into his music, whatever I've heard was very good. https://www.thehindu.com/news/national/noted-saxophone-exponent-kadri-gopalnath-passes-away/article29653379.ece -Raghu
  5. anirudhchandrashekar

    Looking for audiophile grade recordings of MS Subbulakshmi songs

    Hello all. As the topic header suggests, I am searching for the best possible material out there. I am aware of the compromises in the original recording due to the equipment and other factors present in those days, and yet, I am looking for the best in what's available. Any remasters or...
  6. C

    looking for home setup for Indian classical music

    Recently I came to know that there are so many options for the music systems for specific music types. Well, I'm interested in Indian classical music, Sufi, jazz and would like to have a good system to listen to the same. I'm very new to music and its technical knowledge. Someone told me that a...
  7. J

    Simple and easy to use Indian Classical Music App by Saregama

    Saregama's Indian Classical Music App will allow users both Apple iphone & ipad (ver 6 and above) and Android phones & tablets (ver 2.3 and above) to enjoy music non-stop even with 2G speed. With 2G providing speed upto 128kbps The Saregama Classical App will easily be able to stream music even...
  8. H

    Hindustani Classical Music - my observations as a listener!

    I have been a follower of Hindustani classical music since my childhood and I still have fond memories of many good albums I had in the cassette format. Off late, I am finding it difficult to source good Hindustani classical albums both from online or local stores. Some of the albums listed...
  9. C

    Will Marantz MP5004 enough my Focal Corus 714v ?

    Folks, After three years of auditions in India and the US (and many hours of reading of this forum), I bought Focal Corus 714v. (temporarily connected to a very old kenwood AVR). Now, i want to buy an intergrated amp to complete version 1 of my audio system. Will Marantz MP5004 suffice? I...
  10. K

    Audio Speakers guidance for Indian classical music

    Hello to everyone. I'm a new member of the forum. I'm an Indian Classical music listener (Both south indian and hindustani). Have been searching for good budget speakers. Have a Yamaha 6130 amp and sonodyne 100RMS active sub woofer. Tested JBL Control one, Sonodyne, Telome, etc...