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integrated amplifier

Wharfedale Diamond 11.1 & 11.2 Speakers
  1. V

    For Sale Audio Refinement Complete (YBA) Integrated amplifier 30k INR

    This is a great vintage high end amplifier from the designer of YBA. Has a tube like sound quality. Very highly recommended vintage component on Audiogon. https://www.stereophile.com/integratedamps/499ar/index.html Works perfectly. Cosmetic condition is good as shown in the pics Have...
  2. V

    For Sale Price DROP: Jolida 1501 brc 100w hybrid integrated amplifier (tube pre)

    Looking to sell my Jolida 1501 brc integrated amplifier. Has XLR and rca inputs. 5.5 years old. This amp has served me well and drives my Harbeth P3esr, Spendor 3/5, Dynaudio Emit20, very well. Tubes have been upgraded. It does 100w at 8 ohms and goes to 180w at 4 ohms. It has a nice smooth yet...
  3. Anurag

    For Sale Roksan K3 150w/channel integrated amplifier @ 1L

    Roksan K3 Integrated Amplifier Over 2 years old, absolutely like in new condition as can be seen on the attached pics. Produces a huge punchy and refined soundstage, much like powerful pre/power combos, with enough headroom and power to spare that can drive any load. The whathifi review justly...
  4. subhobh

    For Sale Cambridge Audio CD Player Azur 340C

    Offering my Cambridge Audio CD Player Azur 340C. Here are some reviews and details: https://www.whathifi.com/cambridge-audio/azur-340c/review https://www.cnet.com/products/cambridge-audio-azur-340c-cd-player/...
  5. subhobh

    SOLD Naim NAIT XS integrated amplifier with Naim NAC A5 speaker cable

    ** Stands SOLD. Mods - requesting please close the thread.** Hi All, Offering my Naim NAIT XS integrated amplifier along with matching Naim NAC A5 speaker cable for the nest match Here are some reviews and specifications/details: https://www.whathifi.com/naim/nait-xs/review...
  6. G

    For Sale Cambridge Audio AM10 Integrated Amplifier

    Cambridge Audio AM10 Integrated Amplifier for sale. Mint condition with remote. No issues. Age around 1 and half yrs. No box. Shipping anywhere at buyers cost Selling price - 15k. Reason for selling - Moving to High end Amp
  7. M

    SOLD Symphonic Line RG10 MkIV Reference Integrated Amp

    BACK ON SALE! Moved on to toobes! Still love this amp though, so lowballers and cheapskates beware... Not gonna sell at low grade rates. Also note since imports are getting tougher... Nay next to impossible please be aware that a genuinely prices product should be respected... Dear All, I...
  8. M

    Best amplifier for Focal Aria 906

    Hi! I'm going to use focal aria 906 speakers on a rack. What is the best amp for them? Under 2000 euros preferably and with a phono input. Maybe Unison Research Unico? Croft? Sonetteer? Rega elicit-r? (a bit more but still) Anything else? What would be a good match? Or maybe it's too much for...
  9. N

    Marantz NR1200 or Marshal Stanmore 2

    Dear All I am comparing apples to oranges, but still should I buy a Bluetooth speaker like Marshal Stanmore 2 for my home or Marantz NR1200 where in I could connect my existing Norge Speakers and play music via my phone?
  10. I

    For Sale SOLD - Brand New Rogue Audio Sphinx V2 Integrated Amplifier For Sale - Price Slightly Negotiable - Looking for a quick Sale

    Hi, Here is a brand new amplifier from Rogue Audio for sale with UPGRADED RCA CLEARTOP Tubes. Can also be used as headphone amplifier. Superb Phone Pre Built in. Superb combo with LS50 and various other speakers. Worth every Dollar spent on it. Recently brought it to India. India price...
  11. A

    SOLD OTO Signature MM Phono Integrated Amplifier

    Audio Note OTO Signature MM Phono Integrated Amplifier So after a long stint with two channel audio I have decided to give back the dedicated audio room to the family and settle down with a smaller system in the living room. Hence for sale is my much loved and cared for Audio Note OTO signature...
  12. Anurag

    For Sale Rega Brio integrated Amplifier 2017 model

    For sale, Rega Brio integrated Amplifier 2017 model. Purchased from HiFimart on 23 Jan 2018, so warranty should still be there. Everything including original box packing, manual, remote and amplifier is there in top 10/10 condition, plastic cover on the front faceplate is not even removed...
  13. Anurag

    SOLD Exposure 2010s2 Integrated Amplifier

    For sale Exposure 2010s2 Integrated Amplifier, More than 5 years old, there's a dent on the top surface which is apparent on looking from certain angles. Remote is like new. Working absolutely perfectly. Original box and packing is available. Expected: 70000 rs + shipping at buyers risk...
  14. anirudhchandrashekar

    NAD, Rega or Marantz Integrated Amplifier to pair with my Dalis?

    I have a pair of Dali Zensor 3s. Planning to get a suitable amp for it. I think I have looked across and found that Marantz PM6006, Marantz PM7005, Rega Brio and NAD D3020 v2 amps are in my budget. It would be difficult to get an audition of the exact amps that I read about. My requirement...
  15. surendar

    For Sale Cambridge Audio CXA60 Integrated Amplifier

    For sale is my Cambridge Audio CXA60 integrated amplifier with build in DAC. Purchased in Dec 2017 from Cambridge authorised dealer and less than 8 months old. Condition as good as new with all accessories, box and packing materials. More information about the amplifier can be found in...
  16. anirudhchandrashekar

    Wanted Integrated Amplifier

    Any integrated amps for sale in Bangalore? I am trying to match my Dali Z3s, so I will need an audition and hence would prefer a Bangalore seller.
  17. A

    For Sale Accuphase E250 integrated amplifier in immaculate condition

    Hi, I am listing this for a friend of mine. This is a single owner Accuphase E250 integrated amplifier. It is about 4 years old. It comes with the original remote. He is unable to locate the box and manual, so this comes with the remote only. Expected price is Rs. 2,40,000. This amplifier...
  18. magma

    Product Launch-First Note Labs stereo integrated amplifier IA 50

    Designed and handcrafted by First Note Labs, the IA- 50 integrated amplifier is arguably the cleanest "audiophile" grade commercially available stereo amplifier that is professionally Made in India. The IA 50 belts out a clean 50W per channel of power (both channels driven, <0.5% THD) and...
  19. H

    Bookshelf Speaker to pair with Marantz Amp??

    Hi forum members!!! I'm planning to purchase a pair of bookshelf speakers to go with Marantz PM 5005 amp (Their entry level amp - If there are any better amp in this price range (22K) please suggest!!). I had a demo of Polk Audio S20, which sounded great to me. I haven't been able to get a demo...
  20. anirudhchandrashekar

    For Sale Apple AirPods for exchange

    Selling my pair of Apple AirPods. Looking for an Amplifier in exchange for it rather than selling for cash. Looking for Marantz or any good integrated stereo amp. I am reachable on whatsapp at 8884851639. Thanks.