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Wharfedale Diamond 12 Series
  1. R

    Wanted Traditional (old school) 2-channel Integrated amp with Phono & Aux in full working condition.....budget to Rs. 7K (max).

    Hello - fellow HFV forum members.............am trying my luck here once again.................. I have the need for a traditional (old school) 2-channel Integrated Amplifier - with phono and aux - to power small but fairly sensitive bookshelf speakers in a bedroom system that I am trying to...
  2. eddie_fox

    Wanted Basic integrated amp - 25K (tube preferred)

    Hi all, A friend of mine is starting out with a basic Hi-Fi setup in Bangalore. He is looking for a decent, well maintained integrated amp (he prefers tubes, but is ok with an SS as well). He is willing to spend around 25K INR. He will buy a pair of speakers after the amp purchase, and...
  3. haisaikat

    For Sale Cambridge Audio AZUR 650A Integrated Stereo Amplifier

    For sale is my Cambridge Audio stereo integrated amplifier AZUR 650A. It has served me very well since 2012 and still going strong although used sparingly. I am the second owner, purchased from another FM here named Robin Landanson from Tamilnadu which when he was selling was only 1 year old...
  4. J

    Connecting phono stage to integrated without phono input

    Hi! I'm new in this forum, this is my first thread. In advance, please sorry for my English, I'm from Argentina. (And for my ignorance too!) Well, the thing is I've bought a turntable (Holimar 4, made in the good ol' argentinian times) with a Goldring 2200 cartridge (Goldring - Goldring 2200...
  5. A

    Wanted - Symphonic line, accuphase, highend power integrated amp

    Hello, I'm looking for an integrated amp min 100-150W. Preferably something from Symphonic line, Accuphase or equivalent. Budget is Rs. 2-3L depending on what is being offered. Thanks.
  6. eddie_fox

    Integrated / Pre+ power amplifier

    Hi all, Am seeking a stereo amplifier (integrated / pre+power) in the budget range of 1L - 1.5L (slightly stretchable) to match my speakers (Harbeth SHL5). This will be replacing my current amp - a Rega Brio-r, a very musical but lacking in power with just 55watts/channel at 8ohms, to ably...
  7. D

    Marantz or CA Topaz

    Hi friends I'm new to hifi audio things, im planning to purchase a stereo setup. for the speakers im almost decided on Dali Lektor Bookshelfs. Now i've to select the integrated amp for it. Please somebody suggest som options for it. my budget is arnd 35000. Some of the options i found in...
  8. K

    Which NAD for the Rti A7?

    Hi Guys, I've narrowed down my speakers to the Polk Audio Rti A7s and now I need a matching amp. They're going to be used in a stereo setup in my living / drawing room. Music genres are going to be light jazz / lounge / house / vocals. I like good bass. Source is going to be a basic...
  9. subhobh

    For Sale Acoustic portrait solid state dual-mono integrated amplifier

    Acoustic portrait doesnt need any introduction but for those who dont know, its an Indian audiophile brand with a world-class handcrafted product in lot less money. Hereby, Im offering a custom made integrated amp based on APs flagship AM1 power amp along with an integrated high quality...
  10. V

    Wanted Integrated Amplifier/ AVR - Mumbai Region

    Hi, I am looking for a Integrated Amp/ AVR (Preferably Marantz but others will be considered) for stereo music through floorstanding speakers in the Mumbai region (Mumbai/ Navi Mumbai/ Thane) so that I can audition if possible. Preferably not more than 4 years old. Range is flexible. Please...
  11. subhobh

    For Sale KRELL 150W Integrated Amplifier with Remote control

    Up for grab KRELL KAV 300i 150W Integrated Amplifier with Remote control. If you want a taste of the REAL Krell sound at a human price (human considering the rated power output) then the KAV 300i may well suit your needs. If you own lazy speakers, if you prefer visceral impact to tiny...
  12. SachinChavan

    Need holistic advice in building a component based complete digital home audio system

    Dear friends, I am a music lover in my late 30's. Till now I have been enjoying music on my desktop speakers Artis S700 (2004 vintage... good value) and creative Zen mp3 player with Brainwavz M3 (nice IEMs at 4K). I have an evergrowing personal collection of around 5000 tracks (FLAC or 320...