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  1. N

    Hi All

    I m srinivasan from chennai, have interests in pursuing the best music has to offer(within the budget ofc). Interested in meeting like minded people to offer/try the best A/V components(as this is money/time consuming hobby). Like to hear from you all soon. Regards, Srinivasan
  2. C

    Hello from Pondicherry!

    My first day on the forum, and I've been digging deep here about the Taga Harmony 606SE. Thanks to you guys, I've learnt that it might not be a good match for my Onkyo HTR391 receiver that was part of a AV speaker package set. The subwoofer output failed on the receiver, and I've been looking...
  3. R

    Hello from Kerala!

    Hello everyone. Proud to be a part of this group of audiophiles. I'm Dr.Roshan from a small town Tirur in Kerala. I am a radiologist, presently working in Mims hospital, Calicut. I am a newbie to the audiophile world, was lost in the world of medicine for the best parts of my life.:D I...
  4. R


    Hi there, I have been a guest here for a long time and an inactive registered member for a while now. All the forums are really good. Hope to contribute more and know more. Cheers Raja
  5. B

    Hello Everyone

    Hi All I've just joined and exploring the forum and reading through "rules" and all. I am an Audiophile myself want to learn more, Hence i am here. I've found some very nice threads already and this forum is definitely going to take away few hours of my time every week. Happy learning to...
  6. arunkvivek

    Hello Friends

    Hello Friends, I am Arun Vivek, a newbie to the world of hi-fi. I have been following the forums for a past couple of weeks. I would love understand more about nitigrities of the different devices and how they make difference to the overall experience. I am more of a music listener than a...
  7. Jeanpher

    Hi to All HIFI vision members

    Hello All, I am new to this forum and in pursuit of Knowledge about Audio/Video Equipment. I have Denon AVR X2000, Paradigm Monitor 11 V7 Floor Standers, Sony KLV-40R562C, Dell Inspiron 15R. Looking for Center speaker focused on Paradigm Monitor Center 1 and Subwoofer SVS PB-1000 or DIY...
  8. A

    Hello everyone

    Dear friends, happy to introduce myself on this forum - I encountered this website whilst researching audio equipment to buy on various websites. I recently decided that I'll put together a simple hi-fi system to indulge my latent interest in music. Must say that I am most impressed by the...
  9. D

    New to this domain!

    Hello everyone! Though I love traditional music, speakers or amplifiers making difference to the quality sound has never popped up in my mind. Until recently when I visited one of my friend who has whole arrangement of hi-fi products and all branded in his house. It is that I tasted that...
  10. J

    Hi Everyone!

    I'm new here and this is my very first post. my names John and Im from Rochdale in England its really great to be here. I love my vinyl and everything else hifi :) I don't know too much really like some of you probably do so i hope I'll learn plenty by being here. :)
  11. A

    Hi Everyone

    I am a music enthusiast and started traveling on the HiFi path recently. It is great to be in this forum. As a non member, i visited and the forum many times and was amazed to see the inputs and insights from the expert members. I recently got a very modest 2.1 setup (Marantz PM 5004, Boston...
  12. G

    Hello friends!

    Hello friends, My name is Gaurav and I am currently in Jodhpur, Rajasthan. Time and again, whenever I had a query regarding audio/video, I found it answered in this forum. You guys really rock!!! I am not much of an audiophile though I love technology and innovations especially. I do love...
  13. I

    Hi Everyone !

    Hi everyone ! I came to this forum in search of some enlightenment on audio and video systems. Hope i gain a lot from the members :)
  14. L

    Hi Admin & Team Members - With regards from Goa

    My name is Sandy and I am based in Goa. Have been directed to our website far too many times in the past for me to stop and ponder about it. The good bit is that I have stopped pondering and registered myself as a user here in the forum, the bad news however is that I am a rank newbie and am...
  15. A


    Hello moderators and all AV enthusiasts. This is a great forum for beginners like me to learn from the experts. This is Arijit from Bangalore; by profession I am a s/w developer. I am also a photography enthusiast and love to watch movies & listening to music whenever I get a chance. I have been...
  16. S


    Saying hello. Found this forum when googl'ing info on projector model numbers. Seem like there are tons of experienced and helpful folks on this site. I live in Bangalore and am looking at setting up a projector system for movies and music in the basement.
  17. G

    Avid Music Listener - Wanna be Audiophile :)

    Hello Hi-Fi members !! Let me start by saying that this website has been a treasure of knowledge to every newbie or an experienced audiophile. Kudos to all of you for maintaining such a beautiful website. I registered myself here in 2011 and since then been following as and when I get...
  18. K


    Hello everybody, I'm Kalpesh Joshi from Ahmedabad, Gujarat. I've been reading posts on this forum for some time and now have joined. I'm a novice in this field and I'm here to learn many things and therefore will try to read posts before throwing questions. I guess there are forums for...
  19. D


    Hi, iam new to the forum. Lookin forward to putting together a hi fi stereo setup. Any help, inputs appreciated
  20. payalsingh


    Hello Friends How are you???? I am new here, so Introducing to myself.