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Mogami Cables
  1. subhashis_1980

    For Sale Genus Proton 1500 kVA Sure Sine Wave Home Inverter

    Company :Genus Model: Proton 1500 kVA Sure Sine Wave Home Inverter Age: 2 Years, 3 Months Price: Rs.4000 without Shipping, Shipping on Actuals Condition: Perfect Working Condition (10/10) Reason for sale: Upgrade Place: Uttarpara(Near Kolkata, West Bengal). Would prefer Local pickup...
  2. K

    Suggestion for Living Room Split A/C (> 2 Ton)

    I am living in Chennai, and have a L-shaped living room of ~340 sqft. I want to get a single inverter split ac unit instead of two. I am considering the two models below: 1]. Daikin FTKM71QRV16 2.2 Ton, Price: ~72k 2 ]. O-General ASGA30JCC 2.5 Ton, Price: ~89k Do you have any other...
  3. C

    Inverter/UPS Suggest for Gaming/Entertainment unit

    I've moved to a new society where we do have a power-generator, but every time the power goes off and comes back on, which is about 2-3 times a day, it trips for about 2 seconds. I've lost n number of games online when this happens. Many shots or moves that I missed when watching sports on...
  4. R

    Electrical gear for OMNI protection! - Suggestions please..

    Hi friends, I am a new member here and I am from Chennai. I am looking for a list of electrical gears to protect all of my electrical equipments. My proposed home will have - 6-7 tubelights connected to inverter - 4-5 fans connected to inverter - 3 ACs - 2 LCD/LED TVs - Home theatre -...
  5. Y

    UPS size - Which one will suffice?

    Hi All, I recently got new Motherboard, CPU and PSU. CPU - AMD fx6100 GPU - 9800GS PSU - Antec VP650 (not at all happy with the purchase due to its noise performance esp. considering our craving for best audio experience) 4gb DDR3 1333 (Not sure if that makes much diff though :)) 500gb...