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jamo s606

  1. atozguy

    Is Jamo S606 good for Music as well as Movies?

    I have Onkyo stereo receiver TX-8522 which has 100W PC output. I was planning to buy S506 and auditioned the same at Cinebels, Chennai but was told out of stock and have to wait for 1 month. Price quoted is 21.5K. Alternatively, S606 was suggested which has sidefiring 8" Woofer and at a...
  2. M

    First Home Theatre- Music + Movies

    Hi all, i am a new member in the community and needed some input with respect to building a home theatre system. my room size would be approximately 25X40 is a drawing cum living. my LCD-42"is wall mounted and is in the drawing area. i was earlier wanting to buy Bose home theatre system...