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Wharfedale Speakers
  1. K

    For Sale Jamo Studio Series S 606 Speakers 5.0 Setup on Sale

    I’m selling my Jamo S606 Floor Standing and entire 5.0 Setup. They are in mint condition Front : Jamo S606 Floorstanding with 8 inch side firing woofer Center: Jamo CEN 60 Surround: Jamo S 60 Cosmetic and Physical Condition: 9/10 Working Conditions: 10/10 Reason for selling: Upgrade (Recently...
  2. N

    Sony STR-DN1080

    Hi, Anyone here have experience with Sony STR-DN1080? I am planning to get one after reading through the great reviews online and for all its features. I am planning to use it with Jamo C97 fronts, Jamo C 9 center, JBL areana 120 rear and a wharfedale sw 150 Subwoofer.
  3. Z

    Connecting 2 amps to 1 pair of speakers

    Hello FMs Please help answer one query. Present Scenario: I have a 2 channel amp connected to a pair of Jamo C809 floor standing speakers. The speakers have 2 pairs of connectors at the back. I have connected the 2 channel amp to one pair and the 2nd pair is free on both the speakers...
  4. M

    Wharfedale Diamond series 5.1 or Jamo s626 5.1

    Hello guys....for my receiver onkyo nr626 i have shortlisted following two 5.1 setups. usage is 60% music 40% movies. viewing distance about 10 feet. 1) Jamo S626 home theatre system with J10 subwoofer. 2) Wharfedale Diamond 230, 220c, Diamond 10.dfs (surround), + 10" sub i had almost...
  5. J

    Need a brand new hifi which have the same sound quality of old sony hifi s.

    Hi all, I am new to this forum. I was using a Sony MHC-GN999Ds, but unfortunately it stopped working in the last week. Now I am planning to buy a new audio system which have the same sound quality. I don't need more RMS watts, but it will deliver all range of music. I am a serious music...
  6. M

    which 5.1 Speakers for Onkyo Tx NR626 (Us import) - music & movies to buy?

    Hi guys...quite a newbie for this and really need your help here: i have three broad questions if can be answered here. i have got an Onkyo TX NR626 from US recently and would want to set that up. am based in Mumbai. 1) I have misplaced its remote, how can i get an alternative for the same...
  7. M

    US import Onkyo TX-NR626 S- Home theatre & step down

    Hi guys... i have three broad questions if can be answered here. i have got an Onkyo TX NR626 from US recently and would want to set that up. am based in Mumbai. 1) I have misplaced its remote, how can i get an alternative for the same. called up onkyo service and they quoted 5k for the...
  8. W

    need input before buying for home theatre

    Hi all, The name is Andrea from Indonesia. Recently joined this forum as I'm currently searching for reviews before spend the money on it. Been searched in several forums but couldnt find the answer yet. For the budget i'm not quite sure in dollar as the forex is pretty scary but i have some...
  9. W

    Jamo vs Polk

    Hi all, i'm thinking to buy speakers set for home theater. My choices are either Jamo or Polk, but i couldn't decide. Could you please advise me? I'm gonna use it for movie, gaming, and music (karaoke too maybe). Mostly movie.. Got some offer.. 1 Pr Speaker Front Jamo C 97 ( Floorstanding...
  10. S

    Got My first HT setup... Denonx510bt+jamo s426hcs3+wharfdale diamond sw150

    Hi folks, And the day comes when i got my first HT setup done today... I feel wharfdale sw 150 is a beast in the lower price bracket though i have to sacrifice denon x1100w to fit everything in my budget, howver the sound stage was not too far when i heard x1100 and x510 and...
  11. N

    jamo c 600 series and elac sub 50 esp and pioneer vsx 522

    Hey friends , I'm new to this forum and to the hifi world. I got a ht setup consisting of a panasonic 42"plasma tv jamo c605 front c60 centre sur 60 surrounds and a elac sub esp 50 connected to a pioneer vsx 522. Can anyone suggest me the proper crossover settings for my system and other...
  12. B

    Speaker Recommendations

    Hello all, As per guidance provided in a previous post, I visited a couple of stores and tried the following 5.1 speaker-packages for use in my home where I have an Onkyo NR 626 Amp. I need the speakers for a mix of TV / Movies / Music (Movie songs) in my living room which is fairly large...
  13. A

    Satellite Speakers

    Hi I am looking for satellite speakers and have had a few auditions. The problem is , I hear mainly music thus I am more confused as some speakers sound better with different amps. My budget is upto 1..5 lac including speaker and amp. I had short listed Jamo a200, which I had heard with Denon...
  14. R

    Buying HT for my living room in my new flat

    We have a Sony LED 40 inch, TATA sky DTH, Xbox and DVD player. For setting up 5.1 HT in the room (13 ft by 23 ft) we are looking at Onkyo TX NR 525 with Jamo A200 speakers or Q Acoustic Q7000 speakers. Of course Bose is an option too, but having seen all the threads have decided not to proceed...
  15. S

    Still confused: building home theater

    Guys I am very much confused in which combination to buy Today I have received my avr which is marantz sr5007 though out of my budget but I managed to grab a gud deal Now I have to build the speakers for the same. Initially I will just buy front speakers and will keep on adding other members...
  16. Jayann

    Which is the Best sound system I can get under 60k

    Friends, I request your expert advice in buying a good sound system under 60k. Expected usage of sound system are... - Movies 30% - Airtel digital TV 30% - Music 30% - PS3 Gaming 10% Existing Gadgets I have which I would like to connected... (If possible) - 46" Sony LED - PS3 console - Sony 3...
  17. devilwearsprada

    Price Thread For Jamo and Klipsch Speakers

    Posting the updated prices of Jamo/Klipsch/Synergy Speakers and Denon/Marantz Receivers. Hope It helps. Dealer: Decibels India, FF-39, MGF Metropolitan Mall, Gurgaon. Phone: +911244017751, +919899328439. Manage: Harshpal Singh. The Price is for RF-80 and not RC-80, apologies. and the...
  18. prepress

    Sonodyne Sonus 2605 V3 or Jamo S718

    Friends, I have reviewed many posts but still want to know more :D Which speakers I should buy (with reason) Sonodyne Sonus 2605 V3 (New) Jamo S718 (Used, mint condition) and what should be the best price?
  19. MADMAX

    Jamo,Klipsch,Harman Kardon Which one?

    So here is the deal, My brother wants to buy a HT package from a dealer in Guwahati. The sad part is that the only brands available there are: Jamo & Klipsch & Harman Kardon, Denon & Marantz , Yamaha Amps are also available Guys please suggest a HT package (minus the player)...
  20. V

    Denon + Jamo Setup - Help required

    Hi, I have been reading the posts and have been to a few shops to understand the systems. Based on what I have heard (including Polk, yamaha, denon, onkyo, pioneer, harman kardon, JBL, etc.) I have now narrowed it down to Denon + Jamo setup. I am planning to buy Denon 1312xp (5.1 setup)...