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  1. L

    Entry level budget bookshelf speakers

    Hi I own a pioneer vsx 323k receiver and I'm looking out to upgrade the default speakers. I've shortlisted down to - JBL Stage A130 - Elac Debut 2.0 B5.2 - Mission LX-2 Budget below INR30k Utilizing for - 60%music rest movies/tv shows Unfortunately due to the lockdown I'm unable to...
  2. J

    For Sale JBL GTO20M car speakers

    JBL GTO20M car speakers selling at 11k. It is new and unused . got it as gift. but not required as we already have another system. Around 9 months warranty remaining...
  3. R

    For Sale JBL LSR 305 speaker and 310s subwoofer

    For sale is a pair of JBL LSR 305 speakers and LSR 310s sub-woofer. Includes XLR cables for connecting speakers to sub 310s sub-woofer purchased in India in 2017, LSR 305 speakers from the UK in 2016. They are in great condition. Only selling as I am traveling and not able to...
  4. dipdawiz

    JBL Bar 3.1 soundbar review

    Last time I was looking for a soundbar it was 2012, almost gone for Harman Kardon SB26 but I got diverted while researching here and other AV forums; I bought Denon AVR and Polk Tsi400 series 5.1 speakers currently taking care of my audio requirement in home theater. This time I was again...
  5. A

    A King was crowned today! - Review of the JBL 4343 and co.

    The value of a mm. We all have words that we commonly use to survive day to day life. Rickshaw guy has no change? Chalta hai. Boss asks if the project is completed? Unees bees, boss. Ran a red light? Chalta hai. Teenage son took your car? Bhagvan bharosa! We all have words that we commonly...
  6. S

    Vintage Onkyo TX-DS939 and JBL L7

    Hi everyone! I was searching around for a community that would know about some of the older stuff I still have, some of which was my father's, and found this forum because there's a post about the primary item I was wondering what to do with -- an Onkyo TX-DS939. My brother wants to donate it...
  7. madman29

    Calpamos two way

    After building the THAM15 subwoofer I realised that my focal chorus 726V is not going to match in sound stage with it. So I started looking for a project involving 15" mid woofer and compression driver+horn combo. I liked the Calpamos project of Humble home made hifi. The FaitalPro drivers were...
  8. denzong

    Jbl T200A

    Hi all, Posting after a very long time. I am currently using a pair of JBL T200A ear phones. Yes I know they are basic but they do an amazing work for me. Now I am thinking of buying a Bluetooth on ear headphones. I am totally confused because I love the sound of my current jbls. They have...
  9. sumanhomroy

    For Sale Fantastic JBL Studio control monitor 4311WX-A

    Fantastic JBL Studio control monitor 4311WX-A in fantastic condition, no damage no repair history, it is hard to find vintage speakers at this condition- Type: 3 way, 3 driver loudspeaker system Frequency Response: 45Hz to 15kHz Power Handling: 75W Crossover Frequency: 1500, 6000Hz Impedance...
  10. S

    My new home theater build using ONLY JBL's C1Pro

    Hi All, I have decided to upgrade the speakers in my media/gaming room. I was using Logitech z623 speakers till now but i have some free time this month so i decided to dive in and convert this into a good HT room. I will use it for 40% music and 60% movies and gaming. I started the...
  11. D

    Suggestion Yamaha - JBL

    Hola, buenas tardes. Hi everyone, mi name is Juan and Im new here. I entered here looking for some info about specific components but I didn't find it and maybe you could help me. I have a low-medium budget and I saw next components: Receiver: Yamaha RX-V381 or Yamaha RXZ-1000...
  12. R

    HKTS35 Vs Acoustimass 10 Vs Elac Cinema 10 vs jbl cinema 510

    I have a Yamaha RX-V 479 5.1 recevier.. Confused on what speaker package that I can pick. HKTS35 Vs Acoustimass 10 Vs Elac Cinema 10 vs jbl cinema 510
  13. I

    home theater (Good Bass) ?

    hello , i want to buy home theater for my hall, which is average in size, my main concern is BASS, i want it for Music and Movies. plz suggest me one under 50000 , right now i'm focussing on jbl cinesystem 500 si and yamaha yht 299. guide me between these two or for other if there...
  14. R

    compare 7.1 polk tsx with7.1 jbl studio

    Hello All, I am planning to get home theater system and my dealer initially gave a quote for polk tsx. Latter he said that JBL studio is much better than polk tsx and the reason he gave was drivers are uptodate. I don't know what that really meant. But I just want you all give some...
  15. A

    Best budget 5.1 Bluray home theater?

    Hello, I'm planning a buy an ultrabudget Bluray home theater on the price range~Rs.15-20,000. Some models I shortlisted - 1. Philips 3520 2. Philips 5520 3. LG BH6731S 4. JBL BD100 Any good or bad experiences with above models? Any suggestions for the Theatre? Also, can these home...
  16. C

    HK AVR-340 okay to use with JBL ES80?

    So here is my situation: My receiver (HK AVR 340) only does 65W per channel but my brand new JBL ES80s have a continuous power handling of 100W, max recommended amplifier power of 200W. I wanted to use them as my new left and right channel speakers. I know my receiver is a little...
  17. A

    Denon x500 + BA xs 5.1 - is it best for under 50K ?

    Hi Good people, Have been reading many threads and could finalise this AVR/Speaker combo Denon X500 + Boston Soundware xs 5.1 But just want some final suggestions from you guys. My max budget is 50K. Usage is purely for movies. 1. Based on many threads have finalised to Denon x500. Do...
  18. A

    Speakers Suggestions for complete noob.. help me!!

    Hi all, I want to setup a good sound system for my room, so while searching bose v35 , i read that other manufacturer speakers are also good. So i want to know all the suggestions from you guys. My budget is 1.5L. Mostly(80%) for home audio , rarely for video, gaming. So far i've heard names...
  19. T

    For Sale Brand New JBL Tempo J03B On-ear Headphones - Black

    General Brand JBL Headphone Type Over-the-ear (Supra-aural), Closed Back Headset Design Over-the-head Color Black Wired/Wireless Wired Model ID Tempo On-Ear J03B Sound features Headphone Driver Units 9 mm Impedance...
  20. V

    Paradigm CT100 / Def Tech Pro Cinema 600 / JBL Cinema 500

    Hi Folks I have been researching for sometime on which 5.1 Speaker Sets to be picked up for my AVR, however I am unable to reach a decision :sad: I currently have a Harmon Kardon AVR70 which is a 75RMS Receiver and am looking to buy matching speakers for the same. I want to buy speakers...