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Audiolab 6000A Amplifier
  1. Rajeshh

    Wyred4sound Recovery - USB Re-clocker

    Having good friends is great, but as an audiophile, having friends who are audiophiles, is pretty amazing. I recently upgraded from my LS50 Wireless, to a full blown separate set-up consisting of the Kef Reference 1s, Wyred4sound mAMPSs & mPRE. The upgrade in sound quality is not something i...
  2. TCHeN

    Jitter - Help Trying To Hear & ID It

    Hey, The title says it all... I'm trying to hear and identify jitter in my setup, or at least understand what it exactly is - or should sound like. Might be a case of upgrade-itis and to buy myself the new Allo transports, or just a desire to mess around with my setup. Background: For...
  3. A

    Choppy Video frames when playong movie through USB on Panasonic 2014 series

    Hi All, While watching downloaded movies on my new Panasonic 50" 3D TV through USB, I am observing certain frame jitter or say choppy. The movie file format is 1080p, mp4 or MKV files. While there is no issue with the audio jitter or any sync issue, its just that...lets say that when the...
  4. haisaikat

    Help !! USB Audio getting frequently stuck

    Hi All, Need help, I am having a problem with my music cum htpc. Presently I listen to music via foobar 1.1.15 --> USB - ODAC --> Denon 1911 AVR For that last 1 or two weeks I am noticing a problem that if I play audio via ODAC every 4 or 6 secs the audio gets stuck for 1 sec and then plays...
  5. jls001

    The Terra Firma Concept: Jitter is Analogue

    An interesting "infomercial" explaining that jitter in digital playback is analogue. Terra Firma Here's the commercial page: Terra Firma