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kef iq50

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    Kef IQ-50/Wharfdale Diamond 10.7/ Energy CF-30

    Hi Guys.. Planning to buy a pair of Floor standing speakers and have checked out the Kef IQ-50/Wharfdale Diamond 10.7/ Energy CF-30. All are priced between 42-45K. Intend to pair them with a Denon 1910, which also I plan to buy. Use is 50-50 between Audio and Movies. Audio would be Retro...
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    Wharfedale 9.5 with Denon 1910

    Dear all, Has anyone paired Wharf 9.5 with Denon 1910? I am seriously considering Wharfs 9.5 FS as my fronts. I took an audition today of Wharfs 9.5 at Vector System Bangalore. They paired Wharf 9.5 with Onkyo 702 and an old Yamaha. In both cases the speakers were sounding harsh / bright...