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kef iq7

Wharfedale Diamond 11.2 Speakers
  1. J

    A very basic question on bass reproduction from Floor Standers

    Friends I have Kef iQ7 FS. I always felt that it didn't have any bass. I was playing it with Denon 2310 AVR and felt that was the reason for low bass from the speakers. I always had to use a sub woofer to get any bass from my system. 2 days ago, I got an Acoustic Portrait NJ1 dual mono power...
  2. J

    Budget integrated stereo amp suggestion for KEF iQ7 floor standers

    Hi, I would like to setup a decent living room stereo setup with my existing KEF iQ7 FS (15-150W, 8Ohms, 90db sensitivity). I will be using a Velodyne EQMax 8/10 subwoofer with this setup to complement the low bass from KEFs. I need a neutral sounding stereo integrated amp that can pair...
  3. J

    Denon 2310 with Kef iQ7 Stereo setup issue

    Dear all, I recently purchased Denon AVR 2310 and Kef iQ7 (fronts). After doing a lots of audition and striking a good deal on Kef iQ7 (old model, now its iQ70), I chose this package. I have been using this for past 10 days. Might have run in the AMP and Speakers for around 30-40 hours so...