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kef q300

Audiolab 6000CDT Dedicated CD Transport
  1. vikramdesigner

    Floor standing speaker under 1.3L

    Hi Friends, My current setup : KEF Q300 (Reason to choose this speakers cos Im into vocal and detail but time to upgrade) LUXMAN -L3 ( Love warm sound and its signature) Technics 1200 MK3D ( New addition :D from Technics 1900 , have good vinyl collections ) Pioneer BDP-160 - (I have...
  2. D

    Bookshelf speakers + Sub + Amp Advice

    Hi all! This is my first post and I wanted to get some help on what you think I should spend my money on. I currently have the Logitechs Z2300, 2.1 system with a fairly good 120W 8 inch subwoofer and 40W satellites, but I want to upgrade this setup. I've been looking at some bookshelf...
  3. noblejose

    Matching Amp for KEF Q300

    Hello, I've just bought a KEF Q300:yahoo: (used, 1year old) from a fellow music lover. He paired it with Audio Refinement 'Complete' stereo amp. It sounded awesome; especially the imaging, music instruments separation etc. In my case, I need a DAC, as many of my collections are FLAC and also...
  4. I

    Building My First Stereo System.. Help!

    Hi, I have been following this forum for quite a long time now since i decided to upgrade from my humble headphone(Senn HD203) and ipad combo to a home theatre system. Being an engineering student has really helped me in catching up with all the technological terms but i must confess when it...
  5. vikramdesigner

    Speaker Angle or placement , if its closer?

    Hi Friends, Check this : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y2BdEUBwi0A SOrry the video is dark :( (KEF Q300 + NAD C356BEE DAC) I know my setup placement is wrong , Speakers should be in 6-8 feet distance, the problem is im planning to get new stands within a month but for now i just...
  6. vikramdesigner

    Best CD player within 25k NAD/MARANTZ/DENON ???

    Hey friends, Looking for a dedicated cd player , my budget is only 25k NAD/MARANTZ/DENON ? any specific model ? My currents setup : KEF Q300 NAD C356BEE DAC LG DVD Player ( Need to replace this with cd player )
  7. vikramdesigner

    My new setup with KEF Q300 and NAD C356BEE DAC

    Hi Guys Thanks for the feed back for my previous post. Here is the setup which i did , sorry my room is messed up with cables. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NZOHOgPIjz4 Please help me to know the sound quality and placement ??? I find more bass on left speaker than right, is it cos of wall...
  8. vikramdesigner

    Amp for Kef Q300 - Marantz PM6005 DAC/NAD C356BEE DAC

    Hi guys, As per online reviews Marantz PM6004 is the best matching amp for KEF Q300 , but the power will be very low(45X2) if i want to upgrade these bookshelf speakers later with floor standing. One of my friend and few dealers suggested me to buy NAD C356BEE with DAC , they say its also a...
  9. J

    Interest check for 4 months old KEF Q300 and KEF Q100

    Dear Friends, I would like to put 2 pairs of KEF Q300 and 2 pairs of KEF Q100 up on sale here. Before starting a sale thread, I would like to do an interest check and get a good sale price to start. About the speakers Age : 4 months. Condition : Near Mint. One pair of Q300 has their...
  10. senthil127

    Kef q300

    HI every one, after a long wait , i got my kef q300 delivered today ,after a 2 hrs of installation process i connected it to yamaha A S500, via chord crimson vee and asus xonar essence stx as source . speaker cable is chord carnival silver . i must say that as most of the forum members say it...
  11. S

    Very new here. Need help with setup

    Hello members As everyone here, i too have started my journey into the hifi world. Although with no or very little knowledge, i had to plan my rooms interior and equipments. I have always fancied a nice set of speakers in my room as i listen to music and watch series in my free time. Somehow I...
  12. C

    Home Theatre setup

    I am planning to setup a home theatre setup. I have decided on starting of with KEF Q300 and Marantz PM6004 amp. going forward is it possible to use these Q300s as the rear speaker for a 5.1 system if i go for Q500 as the front speakers. regards
  13. A

    Marantz PM7004 vs PM6004 for KEFQ300

    Hi audiophiles :) I'm planning to buy marantz PM7004 or PM6004 for my brand new KEFQ300. Read positive reviews on PM6004, known to be a good pairing amp for the KEF bookshelves :) Not a single review on PM7004 to be found online but I did read about a few folks owning PM7004 and pairing with...
  14. canchi

    My 2nd HT: Marantz with KEFs

    Folks, Have finally got my 2nd HT set-up in place. Marantz PM 6004 Amp KEF Q300 Bookshelves PS3 Slim as the BDP LG LED 3D 42" LW5700 Hathway SD set-top box Dell Studio Laptop I use this mainly for music listening and occasionally for movies/TV, I use my first HT set-up now mainly...