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kef r series

  1. noblejose

    About to pull the trigger on KEF R300

    Hi all, I'm planning to upgrade my KEF Q300 to R300. Done few rounds of audition and liked the R300 very much.. I'm planning to pair it with my Marantz PM7004, and source will be Arcam irDAC and Pioneer BDP-170. I took my electronics to showroom and tried the R300 on my setup and that was...
  2. noblejose

    Marantz PM7004 + Kef Q300s -to-> Musical Fidelity m6i + KEF R700

    Hello dear FMs, The title says it all! Currently I'm on Marantz PM7004 + Kef Q300s; very much satisfied with my setup for music; until i came across a great (?) deal of Musical Fidelity m6i + KEF R700 for around 2.5L; Looks like this will be a great upgrade for me; and don't need to worry...
  3. vikramdesigner

    Floor standing speaker under 1.3L

    Hi Friends, My current setup : KEF Q300 (Reason to choose this speakers cos Im into vocal and detail but time to upgrade) LUXMAN -L3 ( Love warm sound and its signature) Technics 1200 MK3D ( New addition :D from Technics 1900 , have good vinyl collections ) Pioneer BDP-160 - (I have...
  4. S

    Relocating to India

    Hi.. This is my first post here, so please go easy :) I have been living in Germany for the past 6 years and now i am relocating to India. I have a decent Home AV + HiFi set up. I have been upgrading over years and now finally have the dream set up (All bought / upgraded in recent 6...
  5. H

    KEF R series

    Hi im not an expert in home theater but a lover of it. had a much confused reading over several web pages and gone through number of reviews. i have read revies of monitor audio silver aswell as gold series, B&W 600 and cm series, Focal chorus etc etc. finally on some advise i purchased KEF R...