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Wharfedale Speakers
  1. Rajeshh

    Speaker Auditions - Elac Adante, Kef Q950

    My friend who's been keen to upgrade from his ELAC UB5 speakers to the ELAC Adante, get a call from the dealer saying that they have finally received stock of the Adante. This mandates a trip to Adelphi, the Hifi Mecca of Singapore, the speakers are fresh of out the box and hardly have an hour...
  2. Rajeshh

    Kef LS50 Wireless - my review of sorts

    My hunt for high quality sound began when one of my close buddies, got himself a ELAC Unifi bookshelves & a Marantz Pm6006 stereo amplifier. Over some Gin and tonic i was literally blow away by the sound that was coming from the set-up. The noob that i was, i thought that a 5.1 receiver...
  3. D

    Speakers B&W Dali KEF MA Paradigm

    Hi All, I want few products, mentioned here under. Hence, need suggestions, inputs from Audio Gurus here. 1. Projector: Currently using Benq HT3050, bought new last year. Its a good stunning projector, but getting tempted towards Epson-5030UB or Sony- VPL45ES. Read reviews, but its almost...
  4. N

    New AVR with front pre-outs.

    Looking to get an AVR for KEF R series speakers. Hey There, I've upgraded my speakers to KEF R300s and R200c (getting r200c this week!). surround will be Q300s. The R300s are powered by Marantz PM7004. Currently I'm using Onkyo htr-390 (basic model) with Pioneer Andrew Jones series floor...
  5. N

    About to pull the trigger on KEF R300

    Hi all, I'm planning to upgrade my KEF Q300 to R300. Done few rounds of audition and liked the R300 very much.. I'm planning to pair it with my Marantz PM7004, and source will be Arcam irDAC and Pioneer BDP-170. I took my electronics to showroom and tried the R300 on my setup and that was...
  6. S

    Need suggestion for speakers better than KEF R series

    Hi, Hello everyone - Thanks for all the nice posts and the wonderful info you have going here. After a lot of drooling I took my plunge and need your help to complete my 1st audio setup. I have an ancient Yamaha A 2070 amp, (outputting 80W pch) which caught my imagination, after I saw a...
  7. eddie_fox

    For Sale KEF Q500s and KEF Q300s

    Hi all, Putting up for sale my 2 sets of speakers - KEF Q 500 (FS) and KEF Q300 (BS). Both the speakers are approximately 1.5 years old and bought from ProFX, Bangalore. Boxes are available, but I am not sure about the bills. The details of the speakers are as follows: 1. Pair of KEF...
  8. aurobindosaha

    Please advice, got some naive questions

    Hi Background - I love listening to pure music (classical vocal, strings, flute, drums) and has no desire to set up a home theatre or or movie viewing experience. My budget is around 1,00,000 INR (1500 USD) I am planning to set up a 2 channel system and almost decided on KEF R300 speakers...
  9. N

    Marantz PM6005 marries KEF Q300! - how good that will be?

    Hello, I'm planning to get a decent Stereo setup. Thinking to buy Marantz PM 6005 * I need a stereo amp with inbuilt DAC as I'm planning to connect it to tv optical out for 2 channel audio - You tube, Tune In radio, etc from smart tv.) and Coax from my Pioneer bluray player (for audio...
  10. A

    Help need to build my first home theater

    I want to build my first home theatrt (5.1) slowly. Current budget is 1.3 lakh. Room size is very small (diagram attached) so decided to go with bookshelves. Researched a bit and planned to go with SVS PB-1000 sub and Denon x1100w receiver. However if the 4k upscaling feature is really great...
  11. E

    KEF vs B&W?

    Hi guys! Long time lurker, but am finally setting up my dedicated home theater. My room size is 25' X 15'. I have shortlisted 2 sets- 1. KEF Q900 + Q600c 2. B&W 683 S2 + HTM62 I'll be using the system 70% for TV shows, Hollywood movies, 20% for Bollywood movies and 10% for music...
  12. D

    Wanted Speakers

    Looking for KEF Q300 or Monitor Audio BX2 to pair with NAD D3020. Thanks.
  13. P

    Wanted Kef Calinda speakers pair in great condition

    The title says it all. I need their electronics (crossovers + drivers) and their cosmetics (wood, speaker cloth) to be in great condition for speakers of this age. If you have a pair for sale, I would need a photo, description, asking price and your ability to ship these to Lucknow, UP , India...
  14. B

    Speaker Recommendations

    Hello all, As per guidance provided in a previous post, I visited a couple of stores and tried the following 5.1 speaker-packages for use in my home where I have an Onkyo NR 626 Amp. I need the speakers for a mix of TV / Movies / Music (Movie songs) in my living room which is fairly large...
  15. sunil04216

    The Price Disparity - Is IvoryEdge.com Genuine?

    Hello friends, I was looking for KEF Q300 speakers online and the price quoted by Profx (official dealer of KEF in India) is 43,000/- per pair, whereas IvoryEdge.com is selling the same speakers for 29,700/-. Now that's a great difference!!! So what do you guys suggest? Should I go ahead...
  16. M

    Any impressions on KEF K 140?

    Hi All, I'm currently planning to purchase a pre-owned speaker for my stereo setup. I'm using Luxman LV-113 vintage amp. I am up to choose between KEF k 140 and MA BR2. Unfortunately, I do not have a chance to hear KEF K 140 because the seller lives far away from my place. I've heard MA...
  17. S

    Wanted an integrated stereo amp setup

    Hello I just got my q300s and was looking to pair it with a neat set of amps and cd player Please let me know if anyone had any good amps to sell here Ty
  18. S

    Very new here. Need help with setup

    Hello members As everyone here, i too have started my journey into the hifi world. Although with no or very little knowledge, i had to plan my rooms interior and equipments. I have always fancied a nice set of speakers in my room as i listen to music and watch series in my free time. Somehow I...
  19. A

    Upgrade to 5.1 HT - within 2.5 lakhs

    Guys, Please help me with speaker and receiver selection. I want upgrade my 2.0 system into a 5.1 system. I currently have a Yamaha AS-500 amp with Monitor Audio BX2 bookshelf speakers. I am thinking of using these BX2 speakers as side speakers. So I need 3 more speakers, a Sub and a...
  20. J

    7.1 HT Speaker system interest check

    Hi, Which speaker systems from below will you guys recommend to pair with Denon 2310 ONLY for movies in a 375 sqft dedicated HT room? Option - 1 : 5.1 System (My current preference) 3 x KEF Q600c for LCR 2 x KEF Q800ds for Surround 1 x Velodyne EQ Max 15" for Sub Option - 2 ...