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Audiolab 6000CDT Dedicated CD Transport
  1. Santy

    Wireless HDMI kit

    Stumbled upon this product. Sounds interesting. I think its not discussed here before? If anyone has only a TV in their living room, ie without any sound system, you can make it completely wireless (assuming power cords concealed). The STB/AVR could be placed outside view (still visible for...
  2. L

    EBay 300W LME49810 + 5x c5200/a1943 board

    Has anybody bought and tried these Yuanjing 300W LME49810 + 5x 2sc5200/2sa1943 monoblocks yet? The Natsemi LME49810 chip is the successor to the LM4702, and has vanishingly small distortion with the right kind of output BJTs. At the moment, it's hard to beat the Toshiba 2sc5200/2sa1943 pair for...
  3. greenhorn

    DIY amp kits

    Just curious. Are there any complete DIY amp ( or any other audio equipment) kits available in india which are priced low enough compared to their assembled equivalents?