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klipsch sub-10

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  1. prepress

    Klipsch RW-10d or SW-450

    Friends, Today I went to buy Klipsch SW-450 and the dealer offered me 30700/- (best price he can). Also checked Polk Audio PSW-110 (Price 13000). Dealer told me he has a Discontinued Klipsch reference subwoofer available on discount, model was "Klipsch RW-10d" 260 Watts, checked that too and...
  2. prepress

    Klipsch SW-450 or Velodyne EQ-Max 15

    Hi Friends, I want to buy a subwoofer and I have two options in mind to consider. Klipsch SW-450 or Velodyne EQ-Max 15 Both brands are available in my city and thinking to buy the best one. Here I can get few more brands for sub like Yamaha, Mission, JBL (150P), Wharfedale. Please...
  3. A

    Wanted Klipsch Sub-10/Sub-12/SW350/SW450 OR Velodyne Impact 10 OR Polk audio dsw pro 500

    Hey guyz, I am looking for a used subwoofer for my 5.1 setup. I have another post on wanted with Wharf sub with a strict budget. But my priorities are changed lately as I find more value in Klipsch/Velodyne/Polk etc. I am ready to spend up to 20K given the condition and the value proposition...