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  1. S

    B&W speakers & Rotel Amps

    Hi Planning to upgrade my current stereo setup (Monitor audio M6 and CA650A) with 1. B&W 606 (new series) + Sub-woofer + Rotel A12 amp + Turntable OR 2. Klipsch the Sixes + Turntable + sub-woofer Please could anyone let me know who are the official dealers for B&W speakers and Rotel Amplifiers...
  2. S

    Suggestions and opinions for rock-heavy metal amps and speakers.

    Gday to everyone.I came across this forum a few days back and couldnt think of a better place to ask for suggestions for my first system that Im trying to put together.I dont own a turntable or a cdplayer,use my pc to play and stream music.A system especially for rock and heavy metal...
  3. D

    Repair of Klipsch speakers in Bangalore

    Hi, call me a defensive pessimist. I'm purchasing 4* Klipsch R-15M, 1* RP-250C, SW 12 subwoofer to set up my 5.1 HT system. As I assemble my system, I was wondering if there are any reliable guys who can repair my speaker in case they have issues. I'm getting all my speakers purchased outside...
  4. P

    Suggestion for 5.1 Setup

    Hi, I am planning to setup my first 5.1 home theater. I have been waiting for this from long time finally I decided to buy one. I am planning to setup my HT in dedicated room and the room size is 10W X 10L X 9H. I have auditioned Polk, KEF, Klipsch, Monitor Audio, Jamo. Out of which I liked the...
  5. B

    Need help 5.1 speaker package

    Hi, I am having Yamaha V479 and looking for 5.1 speakers. room size is 12x16. Budget @40k. For music 60% and movies 40% I have choice of rather auditioned following systems 1. Tannoy TFX 5.1 2. Morel Primo I couldn't get audition for polk, klipsch in pune. Also got good feedback for...
  6. W

    how to fix subwoofer noise

    recently I bought a 2nd hand Klipsch sub 10 10" subwoofer. After go home and found that there is strange noise. I use a 3.5mm-RCA cable to connect mobile phone to the RCA input of sub woofer. Run a few special sub woofer test song from Youtube. 1. Power on connect to mobile phone, turn to...
  7. J

    Can Yamaha HTR 3067 power Klipsch R24f

    Hai all... i have Yamaha YHT 2910 , sounds decent but not that great.. Very recently i fell in love with Klipsch aft Demo. Since very tight budget , i prefer to go for Reference 24F. Planning to replace front speaker from Yamaha with Klipsch R24F. Is that advisable to replace...
  8. Anurag

    For Sale KLIPSCH - REFERENCE R6i @4k

    For Sale: KLIPSCH - REFERENCE R6i Purchased on: 24/11/2015, from Cinebels Banglore, warranty is still remaining. Condition: 9/10 All accessories, extra eartips, carry case, manuals, box, bill are included. Expected Price: 4k + shipping at buyer's risk. MRP: 8k Item Location...
  9. V

    For Sale B&W Bowers & Wilkins DS6 dipole surround speakers

    Selling this pair of DS6 dipole surround speakers only because of overloaded with new gigs & extensive travel. This is the current line speakers & got a damage while bringing it from Pune. The housing is broken on a speaker & it doesn't affect the sound in any ways. I used this matching my...
  10. abhay2603

    Which Subwoofer to buy with Yamaha RX-V479 + ELAC Debut B6

    So i have decided to upgrade my audio setup. And i want to eventually build something exciting. But spending so much on a dream system all at once is a problem. So i though i will buy good equipment in stages. I listen to a lot of music and watch Movies as well. I have A gaming PC which i...
  11. utkarsh

    For Sale Klipsch Image S4i In-Ear Headphone with Mic (Sleek Black)

    Items for Sale: Klipsch Image S4i In-Ear Headphone with Mic (Sleek Black) (Not rugged version) Asking Price: Rs 2500 Item Location: Nagpur Are you the original owner* of the item being sold? Yes Objects included for listed item: metal box Disclosure of missing or damaged parts of item...
  12. N

    Stereo Setup under 1L

    Hi Everyone, Im planning for a stereo setup, I previously owned Jamo C605 with elac esp 50 sub along with pioneer avr.Now Im confused whether to get a pair of floorstanders or to go with Bookshelf and a sub. I auditioned Polk RTI A7,Klipsch R26F, Jamo C95 and KEF Q500. I liked KEF and Jamo...
  13. K

    what would u recommend- Dali Vs Klipsch

    hi to all audio guru's. plz help me decide speakers for living room before i start audition in the weeks to come in chennai. plz help me find the right setup. room size - 18 ft * 22 ft usage - 80% movies & 20% music budget 1.2 L future proof esthetic appearance of speakers is also...
  14. K

    Spoilt for Choices- Help a newbie in setup his 1st HT

    Hi everyone. This is my first post & i like to thank every member of this forum to have helped me understand the nuances of setting up my 1st home theatre. It all started a few months back when i listened to paradigm audio speakers at my friends place. Thats when i realised that i was missing...
  15. D

    Suggestions for my first home audio system

    I want to buy a home audio system My main concern are the floor standing speakers I ve narrowed it down to Klipsch RF 52 Jamo S 626 Polk audio RTiA 7 Q acoustics 2050i AJ SP FS 52 please suggest. My use will be 70 percent for music 30 percentfor movie
  16. D

    Best speakers system

    I want to buy a component home theater system My main concern are the floor standing speakers I ve narrowed it down to Polk Audio RTiA7 Klipsch RF 52 Q Acoustics 2050i Jamo S626 Andrew Jones SP FS 52 (ive haerd they are great for the price) i ll probably use it 70 percent for music 30...
  17. D

    Help with setup for new home theater.

    Hi everyone, I have a room size of 350 sqft. I am confused between many brands. I have auditioned Klipsch, B&W, Pulz Audio, Yamaha, Quad. My budget is around 2 - 2.5 just for the speakers (5.1). Could you please suggest what would be the best option?
  18. A

    Speakers Suggestions for complete noob.. help me!!

    Hi all, I want to setup a good sound system for my room, so while searching bose v35 , i read that other manufacturer speakers are also good. So i want to know all the suggestions from you guys. My budget is 1.5L. Mostly(80%) for home audio , rarely for video, gaming. So far i've heard names...
  19. C

    My Home Theatre Setup

    I am Chaitanya living in Hyderabad. Currently in the process of setting up a hifi setup for AUDIO especially but ideal for movies as well. Here are my "So far bought gear and looking to buy the remaining". Receiver: ONKYO TX-NR838 Front Floor Standing Speakers: Klipsch RF82 ii...
  20. B

    Speaker Recommendations

    Hello all, As per guidance provided in a previous post, I visited a couple of stores and tried the following 5.1 speaker-packages for use in my home where I have an Onkyo NR 626 Amp. I need the speakers for a mix of TV / Movies / Music (Movie songs) in my living room which is fairly large...