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Wharfedale Speakers
  1. debangshuk

    Need Help Setting up Dolby Atmos Home Theater

    I am from kolkata india. I want to set up Dolby atmos in my bedroom. My tv is on one end of the room, bed is on the other end. I will be watching tv from bed. I dont have space behind the bed to set up rear speakers. Is it possible to setup the rear speakers on top at the end of the room, along...
  2. haisaikat

    Kolkata Audio Meet (Virtual) - July 2020

    During the last virtual audio meet back in April 2020, we had hoped that by the next meet we would be able to do it face to face. But little did we know that we are still far off and the way its going on, 2021 may be the next possible timeframe in order to conduct a face to face meet. This time...
  3. R

    Hi all!!

    great to be a part of this forum. am from durgapur, now in kolkata. fond memories of playing vinyls on HMV fiesta during the 70s and 80s throughout my childhood. trying to get back once again and let my kids into the surreal world of the rotating disk that can be seen.
  4. G

    Speakers for Marantz NR1602

    I am based out of Kolkata. Just got a Marantz NR1602 receiver for which I have been shortlisting speakers. Its got 50 W per channel - planning to biamp the speaker... Room is 20 ft by 12 ft. Primarily looking for Music-70% and movies-30%. Planning to get two tower speakers to begin with...
  5. Y

    What brands of new Turntables are available in Kolkata?

    Hi Friends, I am new to this fantastic community, in fact came across & joined it today only. Can you guys please guide me about new turntables / LP Players (hope they are the same if some technicality is not involved) available in Kolkata. Also, can anyone suggest and/or recommend a...
  6. M

    Want to buy good AVR ~30k INR

    Hi Friends, I want to buy good AVR ~30k INR, my main purpose is for 70% are music and 30% videos. and topmost priority is sound quality bass. I have shortlisted below systems. Yamaha RX-V377: - Sony STR-DH550: - Pioneer VSX-524-K: - Denon AVR-S500 BT: - Could you please advice...
  7. A

    Diamond 121 + Azur 351a help

    Hello, This is Mounarshi. I am from Kolkata. I bought a diamond 121 recently from Utsav, WattEffects.He was most helpful. I am driving through a Cambridge audio azur 351a amp/dac(which I bought from him) through pc and foobar(ASIO output). However am seeing that when am playing any song...
  8. R

    Network Stereo for bedroom

    Hi everybody, I am planning to buy a network stereo along with speakers for my 14x18 bedroom. I have music stored in my laptop, tablet (android) and smartphone (android) and also in audio CDs. I would prefer a stereo that would be able to play all of these. Plus I would like to listen to...
  9. S

    Denon AVR-1611

    I am planning to buy Denon AVR-1611 & want feedback from you guys. My questions are below: 1) Is both the version 7.1 and 5.1 are available in India(Kolkata) ? 2) What are the cost for respective model ? 3) If I buy a 5.1 version, can it later be modified to 7.1 as said in the below link...
  10. S

    7.2 AVR available in India

    Hi Experts, I am new to this forum & this is my first post. I to want build a 7.2 HT System.My plan is to buy products one by one as I can't afford to buy all the instruments in one shot. My current target is to by a good 7.2 AVR with in below 40K INR. Please help me to choose the right device...
  11. S

    For TT lovers of Kolkata

    Found this article in Telegraph on 19th and thought of sharing...It maybe of help to some of our members here .... Link
  12. RMCWS

    Harmonie Audio - Kolkata - upto 20% off

    Harmonie Audio at Kolkata is offering up to 20% discount till Diwali. Visit their Facebook page for more details. :yahoo:
  13. Rupam

    Q Acoustics Dealer in Kolkata

    Just got a mail from Q Acoustics. Anyone interested in Q Acoustics in Kolkata can call +91 08697095512 Dear Sir, We are very happy for the keen interest shown on our product. We have a Dealer in Kolkata whom you can get in touch for the best service and price. Mr. KAVISH JAGWANI...
  14. D

    Please Help: Phono Preamp for my Sonodyne 4000D Turntable

    Hi All, I am newbie to the world of turntables. I just inherited a huge collection of LP's/EP's from my uncles and my dad while my old house was being cleared. I am a music buff but records are completely new to me. Along with the LP's I also inherited a Sonodyne 4000D Record Player. Now...
  15. M

    Isolation step-down transformer (Kolkata)

    I'm looking for a 0.5KV isolation step-down transformer (convert 220v to 110v) for my blu-ray player in Kolkata. I visited the outlet of "Sen & Pandit" (located at Chandni Chowk). The sales representative quoted a price of 2,800 + VAT for a 0.5KV transformer. But he was not able to say if the...
  16. Adhiraj

    DIYers in Kolkata

    Get intouch guys, Exchange resources and collab on projects, I have been building since I was 15,embarking on a new project now a top end 3 way system using 12inch woofer,8 inch mid bass and a ribbon tweeter.I am getting the crossovers designed by an ex sonodyne dude. Does anyone know where I...