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  1. amit11

    Anybody using ethernet Cat 8 cable?

    Hi Friends, i was interested to know if anybody is using lan cable cat8? I was reading that cat7 is good, but cat7 has not been widely accepted and then cat 8 came into picture. currently i have a normal cat 5E cable and i was thinking to buy a new one. I have never purchased any special lan...
  2. J

    problem with lg lw6500 wired lan message

    I'm hoping someone else has had (and resolved) my issue with the wired lan message. Many months ago I had a problem with the tv constantly showing the message to set up the wired LAN. At the time, I was already connected to the wired LAN. After buying a new LAN cable (twice) and not resolving...
  3. N

    Network Problem in DLNA streaming

    I have a BSNL wifi router, I can access computers that are connected on the wireless network. The router also has ethernet ports, so I hooked up my tv to one of the ethernet ports on the router. My laptop connects using wifi. When I go to the network in my Win7 laptop I am not not able to see...
  4. A

    Connecting Smart TVs to Internet

    Greetings Earthlings...! Has anyone used a direct connection to the TV, ie without a router. My 51E550 does not bring up the browser for me to log in to Beam's http interface. Here's another little issue which, if resolved, can help me connect. If you guys can shed light on any of the...