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laptop speakers

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    USB Speakers for Laptop

    Hellow, I am new to this place and would like to get expert suggestions to get best USB Speaker system for quality output from Laptop, HP Pavillion Series.
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    laptop speakers

    I want to buy laptop speakers for my Dell computer. I do showings of trip slide shows set to music. The music is varied mostly falling into the catagory of classical, new age, etc. with mostly instruments in lieu of vocals. I travel a lot and want to be able to carry them in my lapyop case. What...
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    laptop Speakers

    Hi, I found this forum while researching for my speaker needs and needless to say its awesome in terms of information content. So I joined immediately. I want to set up a decent speakers mainly for my laptop but which can be connected to a cd/dvd player as well. I am totally clueless about...