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Wharfedale Linton Heritage Speakers
  1. Vivek Batra

    Playing a CD in Laptop vs CD Player

    Hi FMs I am planning to buy a CD player for my stereo setup. I never owned a CD player in the past. I am curious to know if playing an audio CD in the Laptop drive is different than playing via CD player. Will there by any quality/processing issues? I did that with Laptop but have no CD player...
  2. cybervinay

    For Sale HP Spectre x360 Touch Screen Convertible Laptop 13-4003dx 2-in-1 Intel Core i7 256GB Solid State Drive 8GB Memory 13.3-inch

    This is a used touch screen laptop but in mint condition i7 5th Gen, 8Gb memory, Upgraded to Win 10 Video Review here Asking price INR 45,000, slightly negotiable Let me know if you are interested
  3. S

    For Sale Acer Aspire VX15 Gaming laptop(15.6 inches)

    I am selling off this laptop that was purchased in Dec, 17 and is in absolutely mint condition just like it came. I rarely get to use it and it sits in the cabinet and thats the only reason i want to sell it. I would share the bill with interested people and pass on the warranty if they decide...
  4. G

    Sound Output from AK Jr

    I got an Astell and Kern AK Jr yesterday, without any memory card. My intended aim is as follows: I have some music stored in the form of mp3s (mostly 320 KBps) on my laptop (Win 10, 8GB, On board sound). I also have some CDs that I play on my laptop. I listen to music on my headphones...
  5. A

    For Sale Msi Ge62 2Qf 4k gaming laptop

    Hello Again For Sale Msi Ge62 2Qf 4k gaming laptop. One year old. Under warranty (extended warranty). i7, gtx970m, 8gb ram, 1tb hdd, 4k 15.6" screen, steelseries rgb keyboard, Spdif (optical) Out With Dynaudio Dac, Hdmi 1.4 And Mini Display Port For Upto Uhd 60fps Output. Perfect...
  6. B

    Sound system under 30K budget

    Hello Everyone I am new to this forum, and I have hardly any knowledge about good sound systems. I am planning to buy a system under Rs 30K budget. Mainly I will connect the system to my laptop to listen to music and watch movies. I see three options in hifimart.com now: 1. Scansonic...
  7. B

    Sound system under 25K

    Hello Everyone, I am looking for a good sound system under Rs 30K budget. I would mainly use it connect it to my laptop for listening music/watching movies. In hifimart.com I see the following options now: 1. Scansonic MiniMate Hi-Fi System costing Rs 22,5000 after 25% discount. 2...
  8. A

    Why do I need Tv screen protector with Anti-UV protection?

    Why Do I Need Tv Screen Protector with Anti-UV protections since the new screen technologies such as Led, release minimum radiation? According to new research the new technology monitors release little radiation which is not harmful for the user when the following measures are kept: 1.The...
  9. R

    For Sale Sony Vaio SVE14A15FN in excellent condition and 20 months indian warranty + gifts

    Hello, Decided to sell my Vaio SVE14a15fn laptop which is in gun metallic color. Moving to macbook air. Maintained very well and used very rarely. Original Screen Stickers have also NEVER been peeled. The price and rating on flipkart is 61000 and 4.4 stars out of 5. Specs: i5...
  10. V

    Recyle of Laptop Battery. Any Thoughts?

    After getting a new battery for my Toshiba Laptop last week, I want to get rid of 5 years old (OEM) and now completely out of juice. I just don't want to "Dispose Off" keeping intact my Eco friendly behavior:p although it will be a few seconds job. Looked at Toshiba India site but could...
  11. G

    What cable to buy to connect laptop to amp?

    What cable to buy to connect laptop to amp? Back with a new query. Want to try connecting laptop [vostrro 1015} to amplifier [sonodyne sia 310], which cable to buy please do suggest. Thanks in advance.
  12. G

    Suggestion needed regarding laptop purchase !

    Suggestion needed regarding laptop purchase ! I need suggestion to buy laptop, which one good. I will be using laptop for only browsing purpose. I also want to know which companies offer discount on products purchased online. My requirements: 1. Good battery backup/longetivity...
  13. D

    Mini HiFi setup for max 25k

    Hi there I need your help in setting up my mini HiFi setup to be connected to my laptop/PC. the things i will need are Speakers(active/passive+amp) and a Good DAC. how do studio monitor speakers compare with HiFi ones for music listening? I am thinking of getting M audio Bx5 D2 which is...
  14. A

    Laptop as 3D HD player?

    Has anyone been successful in playing 3d videos on a laptop connected to a 3D TV via HDMI/DisplayPort? I have a dell laptop with DisplayPort and can get a DisplayPort-HDMI cable. Just a check if anyone has already tried and has been succesful.
  15. A

    Newbie help for HTPC

    Hi All, I have a samsung 46 inch LCD and a hacked Wii which I use to play video files on my TV. I have a pioneer 1020K receiver. My problem is that my Wii doesnt play files 720p and above. I am not a techie and hence not smart enough to build anything on my own. I have a Intel i5, 4GB ram...
  16. S

    Denon AVR and laptop connect issues

    I am having issues connecting my laptop hdmi output to denon 1911 avr. There is no video/audio at all on the tv. I have HP media center laptop which has a Nvidia graphics card (geforce 9200M GS). This is terrible for me because I was always hoping to play video from my laptop along with...
  17. M

    Hercules - Speakers

    Dear @LL Presenting before you the 5.1 Channel Speaker Package for your : 1). Computer/Laptop 2). 5.1 Channel DVD Player etc... The brand Hercules & Thrustmaster are among the best IT Product brands, manufactured by Guillemot Corporation, HQ in France. They deal with all kind of IT products...