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lcd tv 32 buying help

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  1. M

    LCD TV Installation

    We are doing LCD tv installation in chennai ... sony , LG , Samsung and other TV a low cost compare to other service and also Speaker installation contact Argum 9944518702
  2. J

    need advice: 32-LCD deals

    1. latest Toshiba PB20 is available for 22.5K Panel: HD Ready, Made in Thailand USB: mp3, movies Response time : 20ms letsbuy.com has a JVC LT-32E10 for 22.5 K (likely an older model but topline) Full HD, Made in Japan? has no USB....only SD card for photos response time : 5ms I am...
  3. S

    Need advice on buying 32 inch LCD

    Hi, Am looking to buy an 32 inch LCD from Gaffar market. My budget is 20 - 25 k . Please suggest a good model and also any shop, if possible. I am not much into gaming, want it for primarily watching movies and television. Thanks, Sameer
  4. SAhiL

    Best Prices for lg32ld650 and Sony Kdl-32cx520.. and which to buy??

    Buying my first lcd :yahoo: :ohyeah: and interested in two models 1. Sony Kdl-32cx520 and 2. Lg 32LD650. GEtting very low prices for the same and have seen the Lg's picture quality but still want to know if any professional can give me some guidance on which one to Buy :D.... getting...
  5. N

    Which 32 inch LCD TV should I buy for 40% PC usage and 60% DTH usage.?

    TV's considered : Panasonic TH-L32X24 ebay price 23,900/-. LG 32LD340 ebay price 29,200/-. Samsung 32C450 ebay price 29,000/- Sony EX300 ebay price 26,200/- Usage : 60% DTH content. 40% SD, HD content through PC. Looking For : Natural Colors, Good DTH content playback, Good HD and...
  6. H

    Samsung LE32B450 or LG 32LH2000 or LG 37LH2000

    Hi Forum, I am planning to buy a LCD TV and looking at these three models. LE32B450 gets the best ratings on many review sites, however looking at the specs, it does not look the best. The LGs for example have a much better motion response time, contrast and brightness. I am really...
  7. P

    Planning to Buy a TV LCD or CRT

    Hi Friends.. I have planned to buy a new TV this month. Initially I had plan to buy a 32" LCD TV in the range of 30-35k. After reading few articles in net, I am thinking to go for 29" CRT for some of the below reasons I see in web. 1. All the cable channels are in 4:3 and LCD is of 16:9...
  8. A

    Help needed buying 32" LCD tv

    Hello, I am a newbie to buying electronic gadgets, especially such expensive ones. Market seems to be loaded with LCD TVs however, I can't tell one from the other. I was wondering if you could help me buy a LCD 32" on the following grounds: 1. After Sales Service 2. Price 3. Picture...