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lcd tv

  1. U

    Need some help buying a TV (plasma is more preferred), range is 45k or less

    So I am thinking of buying a TV, I prefer a plasma however LCD/LED would do too. My only requirement is for using the HD DTH service, I mean the basic Tv watching. However I would love it if the TV had USB ports so I could connect my flash drives to watch movies (ever so rarely, but still)...
  2. R

    Clues for repairing TV Panels.

    Found lot of youtube videos on repairing tv panels such as Double Image, Distorted picture. Any expert tries something regarding this???
  3. U

    Accessing Tata Photon internet on LCD TV via wifi

    Hi All, Is there some wireless adapter that I can connect to my (non-smart) Samsung LCD TV's USB/HDMI port that can connect to my home router's wifi and access internet on the TV? I have a Tata Photon Max wifi datacard with high data limit. Is this even possible? Thanks Uday
  4. RMCWS

    Cheapest (within 25K) 32" TV is required

    I am in search of a basic lcd/ led/ plasma tv for my mother. Our old and very faithful 25" BPL TV has started to show the sign of aging which we purchased in 1996. My mother will use the TV for herself which is restricted to watching only Bengali/ hindi programs on SD. No need for HD. So...
  5. S

    Samsung LCD TV 40" D500 image separation problem

    Hi, I bought this TV 1.5 yrs ago. All of the sudden, the picture in the TV is repeated vertically 3 times with different colors (see attached 2 images for details). The service engineer saw the screen and told its a LCD panel issue and replacing it will cost 120% of the original TV cost...
  6. A

    40" TV URGENT help required.....pleaseee

    I have to gift an LCD/LED/Plasma to my parents and size of the room is 13ftx12ft. Suggest me the size also. I want to be it wall-mount. Smart TV is not required at all however if possible USB is preferable Budget is 30-40k. I have no idea about HDMI ports and it would be used only...
  7. K

    32" LCD/LED tv with good audio quality?

    Hi guys, buying a new 32" LCD/LED tv for my bedroom, and have no intention of having extra speakers or soundbars, as I have a fully decked up living room with mordaunt-short system..so this tv will mainly be for watching downloaded tv shows and sports, not music or movies. But I do hate the...
  8. dinesh1201

    NEED EXPERT ADVICE!!! [32" LCD] Panasonic Viera L32U20 or Sony BRAVIA 32BX320?

    Hi Guys, Hope all is well with all of you. :) I'm here with a thought to get a help again. Not forget that I bought my Onkyo HTS-3300 after yours advice and that worked perfectly. Actually I'm again on a Limited budget <=25k and do not want to go beyond. Panasonic Viera L32U20 or...
  9. M

    Help in buying TV

    Hi I want to buy Sony Bravia tv. Iam a big fan of HD movies and pc games. We all ready own a Sony Bravia KDL-40EX520. the new tv is for my bed room and going to wall mount it... Will also use my lap top connecting to my tv via HDMI cable. Need a 32 inch tv Please help in choosing...
  10. M

    Need Guidelines in buying Sony Bravia

    Hi all I'm new to this site, recommended by my friend. I'm planning to buy Sony Bravia 32 inch tv, but not able to decide. Please help me. I'm a big fan of movies and connecting my lap top to my tv and work, I already own a Sony Bravia KDL-40EX520 I live in Chennai, if that helps...
  11. baijuxavior

    Toshiba Japanese Brand REGZA 32 inch

    Hi all, Toshiba Japanese Brand REGZA 32 inch is available at ebay for 20k. eBay India: Toshiba Japanese Brand REGZA 32 inch HD AV800 LCD Tv (item 300561296834 end time 25-Jun-2011 15:06:57 IST) 24 inch full hd is available for 17k eBay India: Toshiba Japanese Brand REGZA 24 inch Full...
  12. S

    HDD/USB or WD Live for 720p for LCD

    Folks, If I have 720p content on my HDD, will the playback quality be different if I connect it via USB or play it via a WD Media Player via HDMI? Will all picture setup features be available if I am streaming via USB? I read somewhere that some features are disabled if the input is not HDMI...
  13. Q

    Projectors from Singapore

    Hello Fellas, Its my first thread & first day in HiFiVision.com. I have heard that its a nice platform to discuss about electronics. Well friends I want to deal in Projectors.Recently I bought few projectors from china.Till the moment the experience is OK. not great. Now I am planning to...
  14. R

    PQ of SD Channels, HD channels, DVD (4.5 Gb), blu ray, 700 MB div

    Hi Mates, need a help My cousin brother is planning to buy LCD TV , after some research he selected samsung LA40C530 40 inch full hd 1080p lcd tv. But he is thinking about 32 inch too bcoz SD channels not looks good in 40 inch -- > he mostly use it for viewing SD channels (even he...
  15. S

    For Sale Brand new and unused Samsung 22 LCD

    I plan to sell my brand new 22 Samsung LCD, model LA22B450. I bought this online from bagittoday. I wanted to keep this in my bed-room, but unfortunately after buying this I realized that there was no proper cabling in my bed-room and to do so it would require some good amount of civil work...
  16. S

    Confused: 32" LCD, Sony EX500 or Samy C650/C630

    Hi, After reading lot of reviews about 32" LCDs and I have short listed 2 options for myself. But now I am not able make a choice between these 2. :sad: 1) Sony KLV-32EX500 - it will cost me approx. 47K 2) Samsung LA32C650 - it will cost approx. 42K Both have 100hz motion freq. which...
  17. I

    Should I go for Sony KLV-32W550A now?

    Hi Friends, I am from Kolkata. My query is as follows. Recently Sony India has reduced the price of its LCD TV range by 20% to 30%. Dealers tell me that Sony is bringing in its 2010 range soon and hence the decision. After researching over the internet i have found that probably they will...
  18. S

    Best LCD/PLASMA TVs 40" - 50"

    After joining this group recently, I had started a thread asking for advice on 42/46/47 LCD/Plasma TVs. I had got some useful feedback on the models available in the market, some of the good dealers/distributors in Bangalore etc. Following that, I visited a few showrooms and tried to gather as...
  19. S

    Need input on 42/46/47" LCD or Plasma TV

    This is kind of a repeat post. I had posted the original queries in the "intro" sections: http://www.hifivision.com/introductions/7302-new-member-looking-inputs-lcd-tvs.html And got a few useful inputs as well (thanks to those members who have given their inputs). However, I would surely like...
  20. S

    New Member, looking for inputs on LCD TVs

    Hi everyone. I have joined this forum after a friend of mine mentioned to me about it. I am actually looking for information/details on AV equipments. I have a Sony home theatre (AZ7D) that I bought 3 years back. I also bought a Samsung LCD TV (32", LA32R71B) during the same time (after...