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  1. D

    Need help with LCD display resolution.

    Hi guys! I need some assistance in setting up the display/resolution for my LCD. I had recently got a 42" Panasonic LCD (Model: TH-L42E6D) which I'm using together with my HP laptop (Model: HP Pavilion 15 - u018TU running Windows 8.1 64 bit. Display adapter Intel(R) HD Graphics 4000). I'm...
  2. P

    Are current generation LCD/LED TV's really reliable?

    I have an 40" & 46" LCD TV's from Samsung (Series 5) which I have bought 3 years back. The 40" had a dead pixel issue with in 3 months of purchase & fortunately Samsung has replaced the panel under warranty & I was very happy with excellent customer service from Samsung. Now recently major...
  3. N

    What Electronics to buy from Thailand?

    Hi to fellow members I with my family will be in Thailand in 1st week of June. What electronics should I buy from Thailand? My preference would be for one Flat Television with a size from 42" upto 55" and One stereo amplifier(like NAD C356 or similar or better)? Whatever I buy should turn out...
  4. S

    TVs available for 30% discount - donno whether the seller is genuine or fake

    Hi, I am in search for a LED tv and came across an ad on olx regarding tvs available for 30% discount. I called the person and he sent me rates on the mail. The rates are heavily discounted but I don't know if the seller (SMARTIMPLANTELECTRONIC U.K LONDON ENGLAND) is genuine or fake. I surfed...
  5. T

    Sub-Woofer behind LCD TV

    Hi there folks, this is my 1st post on this forum :) Ok well, I just got a new LCD TV (Panasonic VIERA TH-L39B60D) and had these 2.1 speakers i.e Creative SBS A335 which I have connected to the TV. The TV is placed on a pedestal and not wall mounted. Now due to space constraints, I have...
  6. anubisX

    3D clips for testing 3D on your display

    Here are some 3D clips I found, you can download them and enjoy 3D on your 3D TV. You can copy them to your pen-drive and plug in to your TV's USB port. You can also take them with you when going for 3D-TV audition. P.S, I didn't upload any of these clips.
  7. devilwearsprada

    Help needed regarding warrranty!

    Guys, I have a Panasonic 42U20D LCD. It is about 1.5 Years Old. 5 days back, the TV picture suddenly stopped. The Technician said it was a problem with the motherboard(?) I told him that the TV was in 1+2 Warranty, but he refused and said you need a warranty card which the dealer gives. I...
  8. G

    Are consumer courts really helpful? Need suggestion

    Are consumer courts really helpful? I brought tv LCD samsung about one year and six months back, display gone, I know the warranty is not there anymore, but previously the TVs would last for decades together. I want to put consumer forum case on samsung, I spoke to them about this and they...
  9. G

    Suggestions needed for replacing LCD TV

    Dear all, Just two days after warranty period expired, the Samsung LCD TV I had brought LA32c450 display has gone. I inquired with dealer and also service center, they are telling that display is gone and has to be replaced that too without warranty cover. Previously dome tv I had...
  10. V

    LCDs - No more soon!

    LCD televisions, may will out of market in India very soon. All major companies will focus more on LED TVs and may stop LCDs. Its due to Lower price difference between both as well as Lower Market demand Source: Sony, Samsung, LG and others to drastically prune LCD line-up; LED TVs to...
  11. determinus

    Another DLP vs LCD confusion (HD33 vs TW6x00)

    The reason ======== I have been a lurker in the forum for sometime. I have been thinking of starting a new thread for advice. Been impressed with the projector experience, but decided to wait for techology to mature and prices to come to reasonable levels before buying. Full HD 3D at 1 lac is...
  12. A

    40" TV URGENT help required.....pleaseee

    I have to gift an LCD/LED/Plasma to my parents and size of the room is 13ftx12ft. Suggest me the size also. I want to be it wall-mount. Smart TV is not required at all however if possible USB is preferable Budget is 30-40k. I have no idea about HDMI ports and it would be used only...
  13. ashokec

    Which is good LCD TV with built in Dolby decoder

    Dear Experts I am planning to buy an LCD TV with 5.1 surround decoder built in, so that I can connect that to my 5.1 creative speakers. Which brand and model have this feature. I need an economic one. 32 inch. Regards Ashok :)
  14. P

    Help needed ! Colors in 3D on HTPC and LCD

    I need some help or advice. I have a simple HTPC with a Nvidia GTS 450 videocard, capable of processing 3D images and movies. I also have a Samsung Le32a557p2f LCD TV, 60Hz... I've downloaded some movies and watched them with PowerDVD 12 and some red/cyan glasses. It looked pretty okay...
  15. A

    46inch LCD Panel has failed. What to do with the rest of the system?

    Hi today the engineer confirmed that the LCD panel of my 46inch Sammy 5 series is faulty. He said a new panel will cost around 50% of its MRP which could mean 40-50K. Its obvious its not worth getting it repaired at such prices. So assuming I go for a new set, what resale value does rest of...
  16. H

    Home Electronics Show 2012

    Home Electronics Show 2012 (HES-New Delhi) would be India's biggest ever International Exhibition on Consumer Electronics, ICT & Digital Lifestyle. The Mega Show is scheduled from 26-28 October 2012 at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi, India. Consumer electronic trade shows like the International...
  17. Z

    Lcd tv for gaming

    I need a 32 inch tv for the purpose of purely playing games on my xbox 360 and nothing else. Budget is below 24,000... The lower the better. I was thinking about cost effective brands like toshiba, sharp, akai... Akai even has a 32 inch full hd tv for 20,000. Is tat good? Flipkart...
  18. A

    advice on buying 32 inch LCD/LED TV

    Hi Friends, I need advice on buying 32 inch LCD/LED TV. I do not want to go for a smart TV as I want to use it for my bedroom and I don't have internet connectivity in my bedroom. I want to wall mount it. Please advice on which brand model to go for? Thanks in Advance Amit
  19. K

    32" LCD/LED tv with good audio quality?

    Hi guys, buying a new 32" LCD/LED tv for my bedroom, and have no intention of having extra speakers or soundbars, as I have a fully decked up living room with mordaunt-short system..so this tv will mainly be for watching downloaded tv shows and sports, not music or movies. But I do hate the...
  20. Rupam

    ISO 13406 -2 Guidelines for LCD Pixel Defects

    Dead Pixels can cause a lot of mental agony for the buyers of expensive LCD TVs. And the companies (even reputed ones) makes ambiguous and sweeping statement that : " The picture of a display unit is composed of pixels. Tiny black points and/or bright points (pixels) on the screen do not...