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led tv

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  1. M

    Samsung RU7470 or NU8000 or Q60R - Help me pick one

    Hello guys, help me pick the best of the three TVs. As per reviews, I felt Nu8000 is slightly better than all, but it is available at 85K which is a bit above my budget. Couldnt find any worthy reviews for RU7470 not even in Rtings. Some say, RU7470 is almost similar to NU8000. Viewing angle is...
  2. N

    Formula to Compare TV Screen Sizes

    For those who want to compare the area size difference for any two TV sizes, here is how one can calculate it: - Problem: Screen sizes are always given diagonally without the screen dimensions and it also makes the comparison of actual viewing area difficult - Solution: Just replace the diagonal...
  3. N

    TV - Demand a Glossy Screen for Your Money

    It is important to consider that no current TV has a glossy screen except the high-end Samsung's QLED and Sony/LG's OLED. A glossy screen is required to make the colours pop and enjoy watching for a long time without eye strain. They can still have some light coatings to avoid glass-like full...
  4. harryneopotter

    4k + HDR + 55": 50-80k Dilemma!

    Hello Guys, Yes, I know this horse has been beaten to death here, but I am still not able to decide so needed to post this query again. I am looking finally get a TV for my room and not able to decide which one to go for. Here are the details: Primary Usage: 4k content (Netflix, Youtube...
  5. V

    Issue in connecting TV Audio out to 2.1

    connecting 2.1 channel to TV audio out with 2-Male RCA to 2-Male RCA. It is working fine for few seconds. But after that only noise is coming from one of the channel. To resolve that i am connecting only one (L or R) to 2.1. So that i can avoid the noise from the other channel. Please let me...
  6. S

    Sony LED Panel Replace! Confused about the life of LED?

    Hello Everybody! I have Sony's 32inch Full HD LED Smart Tv (KDL-32W670A). I purchased this TV in December 2013. The time i purchased it by mystake the LED TV had fallen and the panel broke. I replaced the panel. There after it had been working very well. A week ago the panel has again broken...
  7. G

    Does anyone have an idea of the new Panasonic Shinobi TV range?

    Does anyone have an idea of Panasonic 2016 range Shinobi TVs ? How do these compare alongside Sony, Samsung, Lg?
  8. C

    Inverter/UPS Suggest for Gaming/Entertainment unit

    I've moved to a new society where we do have a power-generator, but every time the power goes off and comes back on, which is about 2-3 times a day, it trips for about 2 seconds. I've lost n number of games online when this happens. Many shots or moves that I missed when watching sports on...
  9. T

    Want to buy a 3d led tv under 65k .. need guidance or suggestion

    Hi Guys, I am from Pune. I am looking to buy a 3d led tv of decent size. My max budget is 65k INR. I did a bit of research and found that in this budget, I can either get a 40-42 inch 4k tv or 40-43 inch 3d, full hd tv. I like the 3d tech more as i enjoy it in theaters. Please provide your...
  10. U

    Need some help buying a TV (plasma is more preferred), range is 45k or less

    So I am thinking of buying a TV, I prefer a plasma however LCD/LED would do too. My only requirement is for using the HD DTH service, I mean the basic Tv watching. However I would love it if the TV had USB ports so I could connect my flash drives to watch movies (ever so rarely, but still)...
  11. R

    HD movies palying issue in Micromax 40T2820FHD

    Hi, I have purchased a Micromax 40T2820FHD. I am unable to play MKV format movies via USB port as this format is unsupported. Also most of the MP4 files plays without audio. Unfortunately 99% HD movies are available in MKV format. The micromax technician tried to update the USB software, but...
  12. S

    Philips 40PFL5059 vs Toshiba 40L2400

    Hey guys... Need some help. I'm on the hunt for a 40" LED TV to go with my PS4 and PS3... So far, I have shortlisted these 2 models :- Philips 40PFL5059/7 101.6 cm (40) Full HD LED Toshiba 40L2400 101.6 cm (40) Full HD LED Please tell me which of these 2 will be better? I have a...
  13. S

    40" led tv

    Hey guys... Please help me out... I'm on the hunt for a 40" inch LED TV to go with my PS3 and PS4. My budget is around 30k. So far, I have shortlisted these 2 TVs :- Philips 40PFL5059 102 cm (40.2) LED TV Toshiba 40L2400 101.6 cm (40) LED TV Which of these will be the better choice...
  14. R

    Clues for repairing TV Panels.

    Found lot of youtube videos on repairing tv panels such as Double Image, Distorted picture. Any expert tries something regarding this???
  15. S

    Latest prices (November 2014) of Samsung LED TV in Gaffar market

    Samsung 40 Inch LED (Model# H5100) : 29 K Samsung 40 Inch LED (Model# H5140) : 30.5 K Samsung 40 inch LED (Smart TV) : 36 K Samsung 32 Inch LED : 15.5 K These are sold without bill and warranty. Recommend to use Belkin Surge Protector with your new LED TV to protect it from getting...
  16. D

    Can I carry 50 inches samsung led tv to India from Chicago

    I bought a 50" LED TV for 600$ and planning to take it to India (Hyderabad) as a Check-in Baggage and with 175 $ as extra amount for over sized. Can anyone help me in getting answers for below questions. Will Customs allow 50 inches? How much will customs in India will charge for this ...
  17. A

    How Good/Bad is Micromax Micromax 40T2820FHD?

    Hi, I want to buy a 40" FHD LED TV for my drawing room. I've found this Micromax 40T2820FHD on Flipkart Buy Micromax 40T2820FHD 101 cm (40) LED TV Online at Best Prices In India | Flipkart.com Price is really tempting! Any feedback for Micromax LED TVs in general and for Micromax 40T2820FHD...
  18. D

    32 Inch LED TV - Which one to buy?

    Hi All, I want to buy a good LED TV. My Requirements are - 1. LED TV. 2. Non Smart, Non 3D. 3. Good sound, Picture Quality. 4. Budget around 25-30 thousand INR. 5. The TV will primarily be using the TV for watching normal TV programmes (in non HD) and for watching Cricket...
  19. R

    which one is best Sony 42 W900B or samsung 40 H6400AR

    Please anyone help me to choose the best quality LED tv. the viewing angle in Sony is 89 degree only. but in Samsung i can't find. Please help me , which one is best???
  20. R

    Lots of Confusions. Help needed for buying TV.

    Hi Need to buy a tv 32-43 inches. Will be used mostly for set top box SD & HD Channels and occasionally BR rip movie sizing around 700mb.Viewing distance is less than 6 feet. and room is closed one so no external light only tube light. Now do I need a FHD ??? or simply HD ready will be...