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  1. TCHeN

    LED Strips

    Hi, Any recommendations for durable LED light strip bundle? Looking to do a couple of DIY projects to improve/beautify the lighting around my setup and room. Would want something that lasts, will be sort of permanent fixtures. Thanks!
  2. D

    wall mount vs stand

    Whats better for an 80" led. a wall mount or a stand?
  3. krishnadeva

    48-50" LED TV < 50K - DLED or Edge LED ? Please advice.

    Hi All, I am in search for a 4850? LED TV since 6 months. Requirement is a good quality, durable, not so expensive LED TV. Should I buy a DLED or EdgeLED ? Whats more durable ? VU CEO Devita says,DLED is not actually LED. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LPyiNXJudFc Then started...
  4. V

    DIY: Wall mounted Sub to LED (using old components)

    Not to tell again the advantage of a sub for better sound stage and depth. I was wondering for long if I can hook a woofer to my wall mounted TV without compromising space and money. Here is the summary of my DIY mini project over a weekend. With very basic knowledge of electronics and soldering...
  5. P

    LED Projectors

    Hi friends I'm a home theater enthusiast with a DIY home theater setup in my small home office room. I had a Epson 705HD from Amazon.com US which I had been using for past 3 years. 4 months back the bulb had gone. I spent 11500 to replace it and within a week the projector failed again. But...
  6. A

    Which 55 TV? Sony or Panasonic

    I plan to buy a 55 inch TV and as such have been researching a bit of the same. Previously I had a Samsung Plasma TV 5 Series of 50 inches. The picture quality was great and the 3D was excellent. However, the TV gave up in 18 months time and now I have to look for a replacement. Am not...
  7. Z

    Double image problem goes away after 15 mins

    I have a Sony Bravia Ex330 In the morning when i turn it on, it shows double image where one is superimposed over the other and the distance bw the two images is ~5mm. One of the double image shows a slight discoloration. After 15 to 20 mins, everything goes back to normal and occasional the...
  8. E

    Best TV for Console gaming?

    Hi, I am out in the market for a LED TV (40 inches) and the primary usage would be to play games on my consoles and play HD content available over STBs. Considering refresh rates, response time, and color reproduction, which TV would be a good budget buy? I don't have any budget in my mind...
  9. baala

    Check Usage hours of Philips 29PFL4738 LED TV

    Dear All: I have ordered a Philips 29PFL4738 LED TV through Paytm and awaiting delivery sometime this week. Can someone please help me with the procedure to check the 'used hours' of this TV. If you know it for any similar models also please let me know. It will almost be same for most of...
  10. S

    Help : LED Mount 48" Chennai

    Dear All, I imported a Samsung 48" LED. Trying to have it wall mounted. No luck from Samsung, The service charge is immense excl. Mount Charges. Any contacts of Good Professional Engineers whom you might have had to wall mount your LED's, would be great.
  11. P

    Sony Bravia W70B a good television overall?.

    Hello All, I have recently purchased Playstation 3. And now I need to get the LED TV which would go with it. I was shocked to see the different models from different brands although I stuck to Sony, Samsung and LG brands. What I noticed is that because of the IPS panels, LG's display is a...
  12. B

    Need Suggestions for LED TV and Home Theater Set up with 1 Lakh Budget

    Hi All, I am planning to buy a new LED Tv 40 to 44 inch, and Home theater set up, Please suggest the best models for Tv and home theater with budget of around 1 lakh. Also please suggest any Dealers/Showrooms where i can get best deal in Bangalore Thanks In advance Regards
  13. RMCWS

    Micromax TV Owners' Thread

    Though Micromax is a relatively new company and yet to build its reliability, but few forum members have already own it and their feedback for the tv is quite decent, especially considering the cost. MICROMAX WEBSITE FOR TV It is mostly considered as a value for money product than a high...
  14. P

    Spots on the TV

    Hi, I can see a series of black spots on the TV. Can anyone help me in understanding cause of this spots
  15. G

    Help needed in choosing first non-CRT TV

    Hi Yes, although this does seem like a much repeated query, I did spend time searching through the forum posts, and elsewhere on the net too (my better half will vouch for this!) before posting... :sad: Present TV: Panasonic tc-29fx20 flat screen CRT... have had no issues with it Wish...
  16. U

    LED vs HID headlights for Indian bikes/scooters

    I am probably touching a non-related topic for this forum but since it says General Lounge I suppose it may be OK. My company posted me to a different location within the city and hence having to travel farther these days. This includes long stretches of road without adequate streetlighting...
  17. V

    Need to buy 55 Inch LED - Best Value for Money

    I am planning to buy a 55 inch LED and need some advice to make a decision. My requirements are 1. 55 Inch LED 2. Full HD 3. 3D (Active or Passive) 4. Smart (As I have a wifi network) As of now I have shortlisted 3 models 1. LG 55LB6400 2. LG 55LA6200 ( last year model but...
  18. D

    Sony 50W900B

    Any reviews of Sony 50W900B ? Also searched on youtube but didn't found any review... Want to upgrade from Old 26' LCD Bravia to new LED TV Many reviews says 950A is better than 905B So what's your opinion on should i go for 900B on any other ? Please reply asap Budget 1.30 lac
  19. Z

    Advise for a led tv with good black level

    Hello I want to buy an new tv 32 ~ 42 inch for a small room, i was interested by plasma tv like samsung f4500 or h4500 but i was afraid from the dimmed whites, i'm not interested by the hockey but sometimes on TV shows or animal documentary when the white color is widely present the picture...
  20. P

    Are current generation LCD/LED TV's really reliable?

    I have an 40" & 46" LCD TV's from Samsung (Series 5) which I have bought 3 years back. The 40" had a dead pixel issue with in 3 months of purchase & fortunately Samsung has replaced the panel under warranty & I was very happy with excellent customer service from Samsung. Now recently major...