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  1. jls001

    Another Lenco L75 and Garrard 401 Plinth Builds

    Showing some work in progress photos of a multi-layered plinth we're building for fellow forumer Shafic. It uses beech plywood, 18 mm (3/4") thick. The topmost layer is 12 mm thick. 1) Cut layers checked for alignment: The cutout lines are transferred with carbon paper from a printout...
  2. T

    Queries : Lenco B52 Turntable and (Dutch) Philips radiogram with Garrard 8 LP changer

    Howdy All Anyone know these two models? I have my lenco in hand but the radiogram is still on the way. I was told it was in working condition before it went into disuse about 8 yrs ago. The gentleman who sold it was not very sure of the Garrard TT model No but told me that it was an 8"(?)" Lp...