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lg tv

Wharfedale Diamond 11 Series
  1. E

    Need help - LG 42PT350R Plasma 2012 - Board failure

    Hi all, After almost 5 years of loyal service, my LG plasma died last week. Symptom: Display not turning on, clicking sound -> high frequency buzz -> clicking sound. This keeps repeating. No LED blinking. Contacted LG and the service person promptly came the next day. According to his...
  2. A

    LG or VU?

    [FONT="Arial"][SIZE="2"] Hi! Planning to buy a TV within 45k. No fancy features like 3D, WiFi, Android etc. required. Plain 1080p display panel with 2-3 USB and HDMI ports will be enough. Only fascination is for big screens. I don't watch TV channels. Will only be watching local...
  3. I

    LG 47LB750T from Flipkart busted in 15 mins.

    We got a great deal on LG 47LB750T from Flipkart and decided to order the product. I have a lot of mixed feelings as of now and this post is just to share my experience and in no ways a definitive outcome for any of the events so far. - Ordered LG 47LB750T from Flipkart (FK) on March 22...
  4. R

    BEST LED/PLASMA TV under 35K in mumbai

    I want to buy a tv. Confused about plasma or led.....and......FULL HD OR HD. I want to take this tv from mumbai to nasik. And wanted to buy it in mumbai by tomorrow. As i use my flat in nasik very few times say twice a month power consumption is not a concern. I am having a LG 47lm6700 and...
  5. R

    5.1 speakers with digital optical i/p

    recently bought LG 42 LN5710, it have only digital audio out. kindly suggest any 5.1 speakers with optical i/p, under 15K:)
  6. S

    LG 55LA6230 2nd display feature

    Hello, I have purchased an LG 55LA6230 and tried without success to use the 2nd display feature. I have 4 different Android devices all using Android Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0 + operating systems. The LG remote control feature works on all 4 devices but the message " 2nd screen display not...
  7. E

    32" Full HD LED TV within 35K

    Hello guys, I am looking for a 32 inch Full HD LED television with natural colours and good contrast and motion performance. Smart functions like Internet are NOT required as I will only be using the TV for watching regular channels and HD movies either via DVD or USB. DLNA however is...
  8. Indian11

    LG Most searched brand on internet

    Hello, I came through an article about the internet search results few days back and I found that LG is the among the most searched brands for television, AC and Refrigerator. This makes me feel good to be a part of LG family.
  9. N

    LG Plasma or LED 3D???

    Hi! I am not sure which one is better - LG Plasma 3D model 42PM4700 or LG 3D LED model LM6400. Does anyone own the plasma model and what is the difference in the 3D effect in plasma and LED? :mad:http://www.hifivision.com/images/smilies/mad.gif
  10. P

    LG LW6500 - Unable to Play SBS Movies

    Hi Guys, I have experienced a issue in playing SBS 3D movies through USB. But I am able to play Half SBS. Please send post your suggestions how you people have fixed the issue?
  11. P

    LG LW6500 - Inproper Aspect Ratio for DVD Files

    Hi Guys, You might have experienced the issue with .VOB files when you have tried to play through USB. You will not see proper aspect ratio. Anyone experienced? I have found a bug in that, and reported to support center on 06, May 2012. Still no response..
  12. P

    LG LW6500 - Unsupported Audio DTS

    Most disappointment after purchasing LG LW6500, as it is not supporting DTS Audio. After googling I have come to know that LG has not taken license for DTS in India. Requested the support center to know what are their plans to take the license. But they replied it cannot be possible.
  13. K

    LED TV and Home Theatre

    I am looking to buy an LED TV - anything between 40-46/47 inches. Not very keen on 3D. What is good? My budget is around Rs. 80000. hile I hear LG followed by Samsung is good I am also told Sony is most reliable. Ideally I should have smart TV/ Internet capability, USB ports with Video, PIP and...
  14. V

    Plasma 50-65 inch

    I ideally wanted a 60-65 inch plasma - the options are samsung 64 inch, 8000 series and the lg 60inch, z550. panasonic 65 inches is only available in the VT series which is way to expensive. i can spend upto 2L. I was earlier hoping to get the samsung but other (US/Canada) forums have...
  15. akhil7j

    Hunt starts for a 3D TV. Plasma or LED?

    Hi, After posting my questions here and there, I think its better to start a new thread. :) I am looking for a 3D TV within 1 lac budget. So far I had decided to go for LG 47" LX9500 but changed my decision after having a good discussion with one of the HiFi member here...
  16. vizeta

    Bought the 47" Full LED-3D TV LG 47LX9500 - My Experience:

    This is my first Thread/Post in this forum. I was following this forum for long time and based on member's experience/recommendation I decided to go for this Fantastic TV for fantatastic price. I Came to know about Cromas deal for this TV and I went ahead and purchased this TV. I am very...
  17. G

    Help me decide: 42" Sony vs. LG vs. Samsung LCD

    Re: Help me decide: 40/42" Sony vs. LG vs. Samsung LCD Yes, have pretty much narrowed down to the choices you've mentioned. The SONY 40W550 (90K) is good no doubt, but the difference on 20K between this and 40V550 (70K) is not justifying for only 100Hz Motion Flow. That equates to about...