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low budget

Wharfedale EVO4.1 Bookshelf Speakers
  1. V

    SOLD 50ST60 Plasma TV

    Moving abroad. Hence putting my entertainment equipment for sale. Item available for inspection and demo at Yerwada, Pune. Shipping at buyer's risk and cost. Panasonic 50ST60 Plasma TV. Original box available. Very rare Panasonic ST series plasma offering very deep blacks and a very natural...
  2. C

    Best system for streaming music and playing CDs for around $1200

    Hi. I just joined HiFiVision and this is, in fact, my first post. I am looking to build a low budget computer audio system and I would really appreciate any help that I can get. My main source of listening to music is music streaming services like Pandora or MOG. I also listen to CDs and am...
  3. ashokec

    Please suggest some high sensitivity low cost speakers

    Hi I am setting up a 20 W amp. I wanna buy speakers for it with high sensitivity(>89dB) with 4 ohm. Could somebody suggest some low cost speakers for it. Regards Ashok
  4. M

    Low Priced Good Quality Amp chips

    Hi Guys, I am planning to buy/build a dual IC amplifier for home use. I would use the same for driving my speakers Bass 12?, Mid 6? and Dome Tweeter 1.25?. I love loud but distortion free quality sound output with heavy bass. Looking on the internet I found lots of chips that can be used...
  5. C

    New Music system 4 my Pa!

    Hi, I am kind of new to the Real HiFi music, so please forgive me 4 any assumptions I make. My papa wanted to have a home theater @ our house. But his main applications >60% is listening to music. rest is listening to DTH news reports and comedy shows. So I adviced him that a stereo...
  6. A

    Dedicated music system buying advice

    Hello, I have been reading up on this forum for a couple of weeks now, and even though I found it immensely useful to know all the details, I am still pretty confused as to what I should buy. I would like to buy a music system, dedicated for only music, no movies. The input sources are...