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  1. eabhishek

    Wanted Shanti Power Supply

    Hi, Looking for Allo Shanti LPS to power my RPi3 based Digione Signature. Thank you.
  2. eabhishek

    diy lps for digione signature

    hello friends, i recently upgraded from HT to a stereo setup. my source was a chromecast audio (cca). based on inputs from forum members (@arj, @amitk777) i purchased a digione signature streamer. a definite step-up from cca. I have been powering it with an old anker switched power supply...
  3. Fiftyfifty

    SOLD Allo Shanti Ultra Low Noise LPS - Brand new, unused

    I ordered this a week ago without realising I already had a 5V LPS. Has dual DC power outputs 5V/3A and 5V/1A. Suitable for use with Allo USBridge Signature and Allo Digione, as well as other products that need an LPS of this rating. It comes with multiple adapters I have not used this at all -...
  4. noblejose

    Into the Vinyl world!! Where to start? - absolute beginner

    Hello all! The title says it all! - Need your expert advise on starting the vinyl journey. - Need advise on a good TT to start with (Pro-Ject Debut III, carbon, with OM10, Rega.. etc comes to my mind); From where to get it at reasonable cost. Looking for New or near mint condition TT -...
  5. Vivek Rao

    For Sale LP - Simon & Garfunkel + Elvis

    Cleaning up my duplicate records. Simon & Garfunkel Bridge over troubled waters CBS - Made in England Rs.300 Elvis Presley - double LP album with notes booklet inside Elvis Forever 32 hits RCA - Made in Germany Rs.600
  6. frend2001

    Vinyls with outstanding STEREO effects

    Hi FMs On my first ever listening to a Vinyl, i was struck by the superb STEREO effects it was producing, nothing like anything. IMHO vinyl channel separation in best there is..... Kindly share names of vinyls, that has superb STEREO effects
  7. RMCWS

    Wanted LPs of Classic Rock and some Hindi stuff

    I am looking for LPs of bands like Pink Floyd, Deep Purple, The Doors, Santana, Aerosmith, Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Jimi Hendrix etc. and bands/ artists in the similar genre. Or can anyone point a shop/ seller in Calcutta from whom I can buy directly. And also looking for LPs Disco Dancer...
  8. K

    TurnTables Sound better than Digital !!! - Really ???

    For people who don't want to read a long article, Here I document my Journey from -> Like (to) Hate (and then to) Love Turntables. Well before I start my rant let me first share my beginings , After reading about how turntables are the last word in audio fidelity , I had to try it. I wanted...
  9. K

    Where to buy old hindi film lps, posters & magazines in mumbai

    Ok so my parents are going to punjab and will be also going to mumbai. i want them to bring me back lps,old movie posters (70's era like sholay,jalte badan,muqqadar ka sikander..) and film magazines (esp. the 70's issues anything such as filmfar, cine blitz, stardust....). since they dont know a...
  10. denzong

    Lucky Ali's new Album on LP?

    guys i have got some good news you...esp for all you lucky ali fans he is contemplating of coming up with a lp of his new album and also give some of his classics in a 2 records set :yahoo: the new album is awesome with 11 tracks just met him today and he has given me the task to...
  11. denzong

    For Sale LPs

    Hi All, a fellow forumer is selling his LP collection. out of his lot i have picked up mine and these are left. he wants to sell in bulk so guys please show interest and let me know who all wants what. the price is @ 200 per record and according to him its in very good condition heres the...