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Wharfedale Linton Heritage Speakers
  1. Vivek Batra

    Luxman and McIntosh Dealer in Bangalore

    Hi FMs I am looking for either Luxman or McIntosh amplifiers. Most likely Luxman. I know the distributor for Luxman is in Mumbai same is for McIntosh. But the problem is everything is on order. By any chance is there any dealer/stockist in Bangalore for Luxman or McIntosh. Thanks Vivek
  2. saurabhpach

    Any particular Luxman Cassette Deck to Avoid?

    My friend is out and about in Sweden. There is a Luxman K-5 cassette deck with analog VU meters for sale at a local store. Surprised by the low price point considering that generally you need to sell a kidney for Luxman Ampifiers. Are there any specific Luxman Models which one would avoid? 1...
  3. heliumflight

    Wanted Luxman integrated amp

    Hello, I am looking for a Luxman integrated amp in good working condition. Budget is 15k maximum. Thanks in anticipation Best! helium
  4. I

    Worth saving a Luxman amp?

    Hi fellow FMs, I've got a hand-me-down Luxman LV-112 integrated amplifier from my dad. It was bought sometime in 1989, and has been boxed up for the past decade as he did not have time to indulge in listening sessions. I've hooked up the amp and it powers on all right - there is a lot of...
  5. M

    Any impressions on KEF K 140?

    Hi All, I'm currently planning to purchase a pre-owned speaker for my stereo setup. I'm using Luxman LV-113 vintage amp. I am up to choose between KEF k 140 and MA BR2. Unfortunately, I do not have a chance to hear KEF K 140 because the seller lives far away from my place. I've heard MA...
  6. F

    Hi I am new Tube analogue Audiophile to Hi Fi Vision

    Listening to Pure analogue uncompressed recordings on records, Audiophile Cds, tapes with the right synergies from front end i.e. source, pre power amps, interconnects to speakers is crutial to achive desired performance of true Hi End level where you hear the magic of reproduced music in your...
  7. D

    how much is my vintage Luxman L80V worth in dollars?

    I have a luxman l80v amp that I'm trying to find the value of. I am having a difficult time trying to locate pricing info on. I would appreciate any replies. Thank you very much. :)