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  1. A

    Desktop Spekaers.... M-Audio AV 40 or Audioengine A2

    I know this is an old topic being revived but i am confused about which speakers to get for my desktop. The reviews and forums mostly place both these systems at par. In india they are both available at the relatively the same price. So which one is better for someone who listens all...
  2. K

    Suggestions for a tiny Speaker setup

    Hi, This is for a small DVD system my sister uses by a taiwan brand "jenstar" ..hehe sister of kenstar:), the unit is small micro like system with 1 chip amp , two speakers 8" tall fitted with 5" woofer. i know its not a hi Q product ... but the speakers etc were reasonably good...
  3. R

    Soundcard discussion

    Open for all to contribute. However really looking forward to hear particleman's experience with various sound cards and compare them with each other. To make this thread more useful to readers, we may limit the discussion to: Which sound cards you have used? How have you used and for...